Mirror for Samsung TV app for iPhone / iPad – Vlog 1 AirBeamTV

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Screen mirror app for iPhone and iPad to a Samsung Smart TV:

With this app you can cast the screen of your iPhone to a big Samsung TV screen. Stream videos, photos and apps to your TV without the need for an AppleTV. Follow the instructions in the video to enjoy the best mirroring experience.

📣 UPDATE: Sound for Safari Browser 📢

iPhone and iPad users, please update to iOS 13 to have sound from your Safari browser during mirroring. Also, do not forget to disable to mute button 🔕 which is positioned on the side of your device.

⚠️ For our iOS apps: turn the sound down on your phone/tablet and up on your TV!

Any suggestions or remarks? Drop them in the comments below. Thanks and…happy mirroring!

18 Replies to “Mirror for Samsung TV app for iPhone / iPad – Vlog 1 AirBeamTV”

  1. David Loveridge

    Hi, great video but there's about a 5 second delay between phone and TV screen – how do i overcome this? Also, is it possible to get a bigger picture on my TV screen than the small portrait size on the TV? Thanks

  2. Roy Perez

    With a little adjustment to my Samsung settings in allowing the TV and devices to accept and clicked on the permissions with the remote control..along with the next steps in the Iphone app it had it up and running..worth the $4.99

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