Minix NEO U9-H:
ATV OS Download:

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35 Replies to “MINIX U9-H with ANDROID TV OS”

  1. DI J

    Hi Roberto, thanks for this video instruction. Could you upload the original firmware for the Minix (U9H_FW007A / U9H_FW007A). The forum is currently down. I appreciate all you do!

  2. claystudiofx

    HI Roberto , great video, i've been watching your video about android box and in this video i have a specific qeustion for you. I saw you're using gamesir g4 and for me that controller just looks really cool and i want it. But when i check in my local store , the price is about the same as the xbox one s (bluetooth ready). I don't know the price difference there between these two. But if they have about the same price in your aea … what made you choose that gamesir over xbox one s ? pls share your opinion here . Thanks a lot man.

  3. Mr M3TH0D

    Hey Roberto, the Minix forums have been dead for some time now. Is it possible that you could host the files that you have downloaded from Condor. Specially the original firmware. I would sub just for that.

  4. Joe M

    Make the step by step guide please thanks a lot bro! I have an nvidia shield but I want to get one of these for another room it looks like a beast!!

  5. Luis Ruiz

    Thank you for the video, I purchased a Minix box based on your review and recommendation. I would love to see a Step by step. BTW what is the address of the forum?. Thanks again.

  6. Karthi Savundararajan

    Dear Roberto Jorge,
    Currently I am desperate and confused. In search of a solution I came across your interesting YouTube videos. I would like to connect 4 external monitors to my Macbook Retina, 12-inch from Early 2015. These 4 monitors (1x 27inch, 3x 24inch) have the resolution of Full HD (no 2k, 4k or 5k). On the 4 monitors I want to be able to use Office applications. (no video editing or 4k animations)
    What would you recommend? Is there a solution? If not, also a proposed solution with 3 monitors.

    I thank you in advance and I look forward to your feedback.

    With many regards from Germany

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