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It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. We launched just a few years ago with our surveillance drones, and in this short amount of time, we’ve retooled cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, such as deep learning and convolution neural networks, into hardware systems that governments and peace-keeping agencies can use to keep their troops safe. No more sending our brave patriots home in coffins. Now the artificial intelligence does all of the work. Our autonomous weapons are small, fast, accurate, and unstoppable.
And they are just the beginning. Smart swarms. Adaptive adversarial learning. On-the-field robust target prioritization. AI-powered tactics and strategy a Go master would envy. This is the future of peacekeeping.

About the technology
Our Autonomous anti-Personnel Systems (APS) employ an array of cutting edge AI technology, including:

Obstacle avoidance: the neural network copied into every APS has been trained through the equivalent of millions of hours in varied simulated environments to avoid obstacles, even when they are in motion.
Stochastic movements: trained on thousands of movies of mosquitoes and other flying insects, our drones will defeat any attempt to anticipate their flight patterns.
Efficient munitions: using precise targeting, we are able to drive the size of a projectile and propellant to a bare minimum.
Facial recognition: it’s in your iPhone and it’s in APS, along with parallel networks to identify targets by gait, gender, uniform, even ethnicity.
Multiple self-location protocols: along with GPS, our APSs use a variety of proprietary technologies to locate themselves in space.
Incommunicado and EMP hardened: once an APS gets flying, there is no way to stop it electromagnetically by jamming, spoofing, zapping, or anything else.
Big data links: we’ve acquired and consolidated a host of data sets. Using our servers you can reliably tie individuals to their individual characteristics for later targeting. We’d tell you more, but as the joke goes, then we’d have to kill you. (And of course, since you’ve visited this site we know exactly who you are.) Again, just kidding!

The Stinger anti-Personnel System
The Stinger is our first mass-produced mini-weapon. It’s fully autonomous with wide-field cameras, tactical sensors, facial recognition, processors that can react 100 times faster than a human, and its stochastic motion is an anti-sniper feature. Inside it are three grams of shaped explosives that offer just enough power to penetrate the skull and kill the target with surgical precision.

All About Teamwork
Vanguard Delivery and Breaching System
Each delivery system can carry 18 Stingers. The delivery system arrives at a building or some other enclosed space (car, train, plane, you name it), releases its cargo, attaches to the barrier, and blows a hole in the wall or window. The Stingers can then enter the building and find their targets. These systems are virtually unstoppable. Target terrorist cells, infiltrate enemy compounds — the bad guys will not be able to defend against them.

Identify and Target Only the Bad Guys
The EyeFire Target Identification System
All of our systems can use facial recognition to identify a predetermined target, but what about threatening underground movements or secret terrorists cells? It’s not like there are public hashtags that terrorists use to identify themselves. The EyeFire Target Identification System isn’t just the little bot, but an entire big-data processing system that can scan billions of tweets, posts, pages, videos, and anything else you can find online to identify patterns indicative of terrorist activity. The system then crawls that data to identify IP addresses and GPS locations to identify the suspect posting the dangerous messages. It can also track down who the suspect is collaborating with. We’ll help you weed out the bad guys.
SoftTouch Bot
A new form of regime change. The world is full of deadly leaders who are harming their citizens and threatening global security. Until recently, it’s been hard to oust these bad actors: they’re hard to get to and even if someone can get close enough for the kill, an obvious murder can lead to greater unrest. But these little bots are about the size of a bee, they can fly anywhere, get inside any building, hide inside any vent, and strike while the target sleeps. The question literally becomes: what’s your poison? The bots can be filled with a lethal dose of the poison of your choice, and the mark left on the body will be barely noticeable, looking like nothing more than a bug bite.


  1. claudio vieira

    This guy is using partial truth to make his point! for individual and specific killing it is fine. For mass destruction it does not have any autonomy, it cannot penetrate buildings unless there is an opening and to recognize faces it needs to see it and one can cover it… simple as that. Fake propaganda to sell at the internet (in this case he got it but not the next one)

  2. claudio vieira

    This guy is using partial truth to make his point! for individual and specific killing it is fine. For mass destruction it does not have any autonomy, it cannot penetrate buildings unless there is an opening and to recognize fazes it needs to see it and one can cover it… simple as that. Fake propaganda to sell at the internet (in this case he got it but not the next one)

  3. Charlie Buckets

    we need to use electric countermeasures such as microwave technology like the truck that directs microwaves towards large groups of people and makes them run for cover …. If you cut off the communication between drones or heat them enough to cook the computers they wont be able to function
    I'm no electrical engeneer but i think if they cant see and cant talk to one another they cant fight
    An E>M>P> gun???

  4. Bruce Baker

    ..They are so far beyond what any hobbyist could afford, if in fact they ever did exist….. so when you see your neighbor out flying his drone, don't go screaming into your house in fear, and hide under the bed, he is just flying a toy drone for fun,,,,Not plotting the end of the world….Drones are fun to fly and harm nobody, except the uninformed…

  5. sindeed wolf

    NEW ZEALAND hamilton TODAE 13/01/2019 6:30PM flew staight n door right up to FACE ! around up down would not stop ! have witness.. got up try swipping it hit i chased lock house doors windows trying to find it ON window HIT IT with jandal it DID NOT DIED it FLEW at face ! tried to spay n find NEVER FIND NO SHIT STRAIGHT UP TODAE HAPPENED know what knw this straight up happend WHERE IS THE FLY NEVA FIND it come staight NOT ONCE IT COME 4 ONE PERSON never cared no one just ONE ??? big fly eyes grenblu not a house fly no dead meat house no NEED for big fly to attack on mi straight up IT COME TO DELETE ?? its not gone it could not leave ! tin foil HAT IS ON dont care what any one has to say KNOW WHAT KNOW lettn u knw

  6. caribbeansurvey supply

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  7. Outdoorsman alldayeveryday

    Yes this is fake, however, reality is this type of technology mixed with AI is more so intertwined then you think. I read many replies on here and I tend to agree that many advanced tech companies, contractors and gov'ts across the world are so far ahead that it takes only one rogue nation or group or even a single individual to spring this into motion. Many have heard how China is using facial recognition technology combined with AI and their 100+ million security cameras on their own people to judge social behavior which can lead to possibly judgement. Could this scenario in this video be that judgement? People say if, but it's more like when…well, it's really here. With the current fragile world political situation, the push is coming sooner then you think.

  8. XJ9

    WTF…… is this the future? …..Cant wait till some depressed kid mount an AR15 or some explosives on his drone and try this on his classmates.

  9. Maxim tt

    стоит пидрила в дорогом костюме и продаёт машинку для убийства людей (не важно что это преступник), и шутит при этом, какая мерзость.

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