MI BAND 4 VS. SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT (Honest Comparison and Testing Side by Side)

The Mi Band 4 and the Galaxy Fit are two of the latest fitness tracker smart watches on the market. Both were released in mid-2019 and both have amazing features for their prices.
The Galaxy fit is $99 if you buy it here:

And the Mi Band 4 is just $40 (!!!!) if you buy it here:

So which one is better? Below are some added review notes to summarize the main feature differences for you. If you would like to learn more about either of these devices, please check out my individual videos reviewing the mi band 4 (last week) and the galaxy fit (last month)

Galaxy Fit only:
underwater mode
quick replies
widget customization
advanced auto fitness tracking
side button is a shortcut for starting a workout
10 brightness levels (as opposed to 5)
90+ workouts

Mi Band 4 features:
music control
ali-pay (sort of)
band lock
silence calls (not just rejection)
wayyyyy cheaper!!!
only 1 app required (as opposed to the 2 needed for the galaxy fit)
idle alerts
auto wake clock


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Please comment below with any questions you might have. Thank you all for watching! I appreciate you!

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39 Replies to “MI BAND 4 VS. SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT (Honest Comparison and Testing Side by Side)”

  1. Mike L

    Anybody with a smartphone doesn't need this just download free apps which do this same exact thing!!!! For example Samsung has the Samsung Health app for FREE!

  2. Heronet

    Great videos. Hi Mike, hope you could make the same video of the comparison between Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 vs Huawei Watch GT 2. I will waiting your videos. Thank you.

  3. Dan Forbes

    I have the Mi Band 4 it's amazing, It is simple to use and has a 21 day battery life. I run 10km everyday, I know I am building my cardio level from the speed that I am running and how i feel after each run, which is reconfirmed by the Mi Band when I check the results of my workout to see the breakdown of Aerobic, Anaerobic and Vo2Max times. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a fitness tracker.

  4. manob bose

    I bought a galaxy gear fit 2 pro . It's more better than mi bands and galaxy fit . My mi band 4 broke out when I was swimming. Mi band 4 is worst. It does not gives correct accuracy of sleeptracking and it has many ill effects when it comes to contact of water.

  5. Matias Perez

    The only thing that could change my choice to the galaxy fit is if the fit have GPS integrated, but it doesn't so… i buid 2 mibands 1 for me, 1 for my dad, lets see how thei work

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