Mega Man X2: Zero Playable (SNES) – Longplay

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A longplay for Mega Man X2 hack is Mega Man X2: Zero Playable.

This hack as the Mega Man X – Zero Playable was found in a Youtube video. The greatest feature is that Zero replaced X (using his X3 sprites).

Although this hack is very nice, the author only changed sprites of X to Zero. There are no new texts reflecting Zero or even new graphics for items, like the extra life (still displays the X). The function to change X for Zero in the middle of the stages, like on Mega Man X 3 is absent too.

The shoryuken is still obtainable in the same way.

Hack made by Programer Peru.


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26 Replies to “Mega Man X2: Zero Playable (SNES) – Longplay”

  1. Skilled Cove

    Man this hack isnt good than the first. The dialogue is so strange they havent changed the dialogue. If it would be that way, i won't even try to change cutscenes. Zero is just playable and thats all

  2. DarkLink1996

    Isn't there another version of this made by the X3 Zero Project guy? IIRC it's buggy and unfinished, but it has the features from the X3 Zero Project once you get Zero's parts.

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