Meet the EVO

EVO is a compact folding aerial platform, full of intelligent flight features, making the EVO an incredibly powerful tool. An advanced computer vision system includes front, rear and downward facing sensors. EVO sees objects and makes decisions on how to avoid them. A 3.3in OLED screen built into EVO’s remote, 30 minutes of flight time and up to 7km’s of range means you can pack smaller and explore longer.

Autel Robotics is based outside Seattle, WA with a commitment to 7-days-a-week customer support.

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32 Replies to “Meet the EVO”

  1. Kelvin

    There are definitely many reasons to go with Autel Evo over Mavic, but very few l can think of for staying within the dji ecosystem. Having spent $20000 AUD on dji products for commercial use over the last couple of years; l am well and truly over it. Forced updates that screw more things up than fix, poor customer service and NFZs are just a few of my gripes. I am sure others will hold true to their beloved djis, citing their many reasons for staying, but at some time, they will be treated much like apple fanboys and have scorn heaped upon them for not waking up to themselves. In the end, dji, like apple inc, will be overtaken by the competition.

  2. Boss EdaTV

    If i ask and choosing mavic or this evo and gives me for a free well i will choose evo rather than mavic this is my own toughts and opinion… I Love autel evo and the colors of it. Im wishing if i have chance to fly it for free😇

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