Meet Parrot Disco, a Ready-to-Fly Fixed Wing Drone

Parrot’s latest drone isn’t a quadcopter, but a fixed-wing UAV that you can fly with FPV goggles. The kind of remote-controlled airplane differs from other drones in that it can fly faster and further, but still has autonomous flight capabilities to take off and return to you. We check out the Parrot Disco prototype and learn about its capabilities!

Shot and edited by Adam Isaak

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Adam Savage
Norman Chan
Joey Fameli

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25 Replies to “Meet Parrot Disco, a Ready-to-Fly Fixed Wing Drone”

  1. charles john

    This Drone will either be overprice or differ from prototype demo it was suppose be release this year and not a peep from Parrot and it almost the end of July no photos or video demos since the CEs show not looking good at all and many have lost interest in the one love the idea but not impressed with the Company most have move on to the Dji new Phantom or some other fixed wing Uav

  2. El Mostrito

    More importantly – how do you convince liberals that this is not the technology that carries hellfire missiles? Because @ 2016 the majority of them still can't tell the difference between a predator drone and a dji quadcopter.

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