Meet One of the Best Drone Pilots in the World | WIRED

Carlos “Charpu” Puertolas isn’t interested in competitive drone racing, he prefers to fly freestyle in dangerous, abandoned buildings. His tricks and aerial showmanship has earned him notoriety in the drone community.

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Meet One of the Best Drone Pilots in the World | WIRED

50 Replies to “Meet One of the Best Drone Pilots in the World | WIRED”

  1. CarbonGlassMan

    Isn't the US government busy trying to make this hobby illegal? Because some 14 year old boys peeked at little teeny boppers getting a sun tan at their back yard pool and because people associate the term drone with the ones that shoot hellfire missiles at terrorists or peeping Tom tools.

  2. S L I

    Soon the whole world will have goggles on sitting on their couches getting “adrenaline rush” which is actually a cheese curl getting wedges in their butt crack every time they scratch their nuts

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