Mavic Pro 2 Zoom: Extreme Obstacle Avoidance Test

I put the Mavic Pro 2 Zoom through an Extreme Obstacle Avoidance Test. I just cant wrap around what DJI has done with the Active Track 2.0. This extreme obstacle avoidance test pushed the Active Track 2.0 beyond its limit. The result’s, well the best Drone in the world performs like no other.

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  1. Royce Wang

    Here’s another drone that can do the same but more better than the Mavic 2. This one can actually track you as you run through trees and quite fast too. You did said in the video to link any other drone that can do this. Here’s the link I happen to have the Mavic 2 Pro and had try the Active Track 2.0 a few times. I like it a lot and the APAS too. I don’t have the Mavic Air though. Was planning to get it but the Mavic 2 came out and decided to just get the Pro instead. All the DJI drones I currently have are Spark, Mavic Pro and Mavic 2 Pro. I also have two of the Osmos. The Mobile 2 and Pocket.

  2. Chowdary Y J

    Hi Sorry,
    I just notice earlier viewer already mentioned the one I thought to share with you .. that is Skydio .. as i have see few vlogs .. The Skydio is is super good than this in few folds

    I hope you will re arrange the words about the DJI .. challenging that make your videos and comments so nice

  3. Chowdary Y J

    I will the other drone that can do far better than this soonest .. sorry not for challenging .. just to share the other drone that does and learn from you more .. be friendly .. Thanks

  4. asas da montanha

    Top demais amigo seus vídeos um espetáculo total
    Bom eu vim a convidar você a vir conhecer meu canal caso você goste seja bem vindo a se inscrever no meu canal um grande abração do asas da montanha


    The Mavic 2 is a wonderful piece of equipment. I have one. Really opens the doors for creators. However in regards to autonomous flying and object avoidance the Skydio R1 is superior to the Mavic 2 series.

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