Mavic Pro 2 Price – Will it have VARIABLE APERTURE?


While many of us eagerly awaiting the official announcement of Mavic Pro 2 series from DJI, many of us search the net for new information. I have picked up 2 of the missing pieces that might shed some light on some of the most asked questions. Will Mavic Pro 2 variable aperture and what will the Mavic 2 zoom price bye, as well as a good guess for the Mavic Pro 2 Price

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A new variant of the Mavic Pro 2 has been leaked, called Mavic 2 Enterprise, that seems more or less identical to the Mavic 2 Zoom. In this video, I will point out 10 differences between Mavic Pro and Mavic 2 Enterprise.

? Mavic 2 Enterprise

UK retailer made a major mistake and revealed the specification of the upcoming DJI products as part of their catalog. This means the Mavic Pro 2 Specs Leaked and this video reveals 9 things we know so far about the new DJI products as well as my pick for the 2 models.

? Mavic 2 Zoom & Mavic Pro 2

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32 Replies to “Mavic Pro 2 Price – Will it have VARIABLE APERTURE?”

  1. Bob T

    Hi Henrik.
    I have got the catalogue in front of me. Its a really poor photo (like news paper print)
    Even with a large magnifying glass you can not see what the writing on the camera lens reads

  2. Barry Coomber

    I have a copy of the Argos magazine and the picture quality is very poor. You cannot make out that level of detail even with a magnifying glass – just blurry. Don't get too excited just yet 🙂

  3. David Hunter

    Firstly Happy Birthday Buddy, you don’t look a year older than your last Birthday!
    But as for these new drones coming out soon there’s a lot of speculation here in the UK on The invasive restrictions they are proposing for 2019,this will not help sales with the unknown hanging over us at the moment! So I will like many others hold back maybe until all is clear on Drone flying restrictions! Have one for me, cheers???????????

  4. John Lord

    It is not normal to print the aperture range on the front of a lens. What is normally printed is the maximum aperture, so for a zoom lens it might be say F3.5-5.6 when the aperture range might go from say F3.5 through to F22. I do have the Argos catalog and the quality of the image for the Mavic 2 Pro is very poor and you certainly cannot read what is printed on the lens.

    Happy Birthday by the way.

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