Mavic Mini exploring an unreachable island

The Mavic Mini gets a sky view of some uninhabited islands. With great wind conditions and beautiful weather this ended up being one of my favorite flights!

In this video i flew outside of VLOS or visual line of sight, during the time of filming i was unaware of this is an FAA violation. All flights from now on will take place within VLOS. Do not attempt to recreate this flight. Thank you.

If you’re thinking about getting a Mavic Mini and this video helped you make the decision to purchase one please consider using my affiliate link. I get a small amount of the profit and the Mini wont cost you extra! Thank you!

Here is the range extender that I use:

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31 Replies to “Mavic Mini exploring an unreachable island”

  1. ba00173

    Great video !!! I’ve been told it was risky to fly over water with a Mavic Mini, according to what I see in your videos, it doesn’t seem to affect the drone at all. Any concern on your side about it ?
    Yves, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  2. Wilson Escalante Official

    I just bought my DJI mini and I’m surprised how you can fly it long distance I tried to fly mine long distance but it didn’t reach not even a half of mile I went to settings and I have no limits distance set it up do you know if maybe I have to turn off the wifi of my phone maybe that’s making interference? 🤔

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