Mavic Mini chases Jeep Wrangler!

Today we chase a Jeep Wrangler with the Mavic Mini!

If you’re thinking about getting a Mavic Mini and this video helped you make the decision to purchase one please consider using my affiliate link. I get a small amount of the profit and the Mini wont cost you extra! Thank you!

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Here is the range extender that I use:
Here is the strobe that I use:

Instagram: milesdeep8

Apps used:
DJI Fly App – To operate the drone
Windfinder – Wind check app
AirMap- Check airspace
Editing- Adobe Premiere

37 Replies to “Mavic Mini chases Jeep Wrangler!”

  1. Steve D

    Great video! I am making some sandwiches and like to put on drone videos in the background and I also have a Mavic Mini and Jeep Wrangler so this was the perfect video LOL Happy Friday!!!!!

  2. JY M

    When following a moving vehicle, if you lose signal let’s say 3 miles away from the take-off point, when you have been flying for 15 minutes, and you only have 25% battery left, the drone will automatically start the return-to-home, which you cannot cancel it because you lost signal. So now instead of just landing where you really are, he will try to go back to the take-off point 3 miles away, which he won’t be able to because of the low battery, and it will end up landing in a random place between your final location and the take-off point. Is that right? Because if this is correct then we could say that following a moving vehicle is very very dangerous if you lose signal.

  3. Morten Ulrichsen

    Cool videos as usual. I’m a little bit curious and hope you’ll tell me. When you are combining your video from SD card and video from phone – how do you do this in a easy way. Keep up the cool videos

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