Mavic Mini chases a boat!

Today we fly the Mavic Mini behind the boat i’m on!

If you’re thinking about getting a Mavic Mini and this video helped you make the decision to purchase one please consider using my affiliate link. I get a small amount of the profit and the Mini wont cost you extra! Thank you!

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Here is the range extender that I use:
Here is the strobe that I use:

Instagram: milesdeep8

Apps used:
DJI Fly App – To operate the drone
Windfinder – Wind check app
AirMap- Check airspace
Editing- Adobe Premiere

25 Replies to “Mavic Mini chases a boat!”

  1. mycroft16

    The mini is a surprisingly capable little drone. 30mph from something that small is no joke. And the battery life it gets from that is amazing too. A 4k sensor on it would be nearly perfect, but for the price I really can't complain about what it gives.

  2. Jayhip's Ocean

    Miles- Just wanted to reach out and say Hello and Thank You. I never knew how much I would love filming with this specific drone you recommended. I'll never forget the first time I saw this video. And The Mavic Mini! I started with my first drone (MAVIC MINI) in June early July after seeing this video specifically. Yes of course I had my own intentions but I never expected to find what I found. I would not of been so inspired if it were not for your genuine ability to be continuously introducing myself and everyone else to the mini. Lastly, I soon quickly had my own run in with the FAA as well. Your info you gave at that point was also very helpful after your return with your experience. Gave me confidence to follow up. I know way more about so many things including the obvious drone safety. I continue to be inventive but I'm trying to trim the excess and focus on what is working well in the present, since then, flying inside the lines. I'm incorporating my own music that I compose on acoustic guitar with the drone photography now. If I wasn't editing so frequently with the mini my music would likely be still collecting dust. Covid Has Helped With More Creative Time But Still Thanks For Carrying That Freedom and Inspiration In Having The Confidence To Fly, Capture, and Compose. Seriously. Thank You. – Jason

  3. David

    Boat is leaving Mavic in the dust: engaging warp speed (S-mode). I was afraid your remote was gonna end up in the water with all that thrashing and bouncing around

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