Mavic Mini Active Track

Mavic Mini Active Track with the Litchi beta app is now possible with a beta release for Android.

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29 Replies to “Mavic Mini Active Track”

  1. Sir Kay

    So, does it allow manual settings of the exposure: shutter speed, ISO like we got with recent the DJI firmware update etc?
    But Sir, did you know throughout the video, not once did you show us how to use the tracking thing on the Glitchi opps! I mean, Litchi app, not only was it laggy but, you decided to show us the entire thing in that alien language.
    And stop blaming Xiaomi for being laggy, that phone can't be any older than 2 or 3 years so, it's still fine, the Glitchi App just sucks, please stop trying to cover up for a crappy product. If it's laggy, and we already know the issue with the bad Wifi connection of the Mini, this right here is a quick recipe to lose your drone forever.
    And we came for the active tracking. How does the active track work? Not once did you draw a box around the object to be tracked, or show us a successful tracking, you kept showing us your head instead of the drone or the app. Yeah, there was a moment you were walking down and it was following you but, what if you had your thumb on the control and just pretended it's tracking? Seeing is believing Sir! you might work for Glitchi ohh! sorry, Litchi!
    All I'm saying is, this is really a poor video, it's a damn shame.

  2. Scuba Travel and Adventure

    nice video just got the app yesterday and when i put the tracking mode it just tracks by spinning it will not follow just stays in one place could you do a better tutorial and settings explain the difference between tracking and follow. When the mini is in tracking the joysticks don't correspond to control directions on remote thanks for Your videos

  3. Battalon

    Great vid!
    I can't get the Mavic mini work with Litchi.
    I did everything incl get rid of the dji fly app.
    But when I plug in the remote I don't get to choose Litchi.
    When I install the fly app it shows me only the fly app to choose from.
    What can I do?

  4. TEC Modélisme

    je voudrais votre avis , avant d'acheter le mavic mini
    ma questions , dji peut til bloquer le démarrage du mavic mini par l'application si par exemple je veut voler a coté de chez moi sur le stade de football quand il i a personne et que j'ai l'autorisation , si le stade par exemple et en zone rouge sur sa carte de vol merci d'avance

  5. Daniel Day

    Please share and explore more about the app( The name for IOS) and the ACTIVE TRACK FEATURES). for the Mavic Mini!!! I really enjoy and Learn so much from your sharing, thank you so much for doing what you do!!! I’ll admit I always check your videos for advice when finding out something new for my Mini,😎

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