Mavic Air – Watch This Before You Buy

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The DJI Mavic Air is the perfect balance of size, performance and price. It has a 4K camera, 3 axis gimbal and is amazingly small for a drone with this many features. In many ways, it takes the best parts of the DJI Mavic Pro and the DJI Spark and combines them into a very portable package. If you are wondering if the Mavic Air can live up to the hype, you should watch this video!
With a variety of newer drones out on the market today it’s good to see how the Mavic Air stacks up and handles as a very portable photography drone.

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The main camera I use is the Panasonic Lumix FZ300
Pricing & Specs:

21 Replies to “Mavic Air – Watch This Before You Buy”

  1. Edward McShane

    I watched your informative and well done video and I even subscribed to you. But, are you aware that The Epoch Times, a far right media organization banned by Facebook, ran an ad preceding your video?

    In my opinion such propaganda outlets are destructive to our American democracy, such as it is nowadays, and I don’t think a person of acceptable ethics and morality would accept money from a far right Chinese propaganda outlet.

  2. Suyume Gore

    Hi there! Thanks for the review! What I wonder about is why these quads don’t improve on higher speed, longer battery life, increased and improved control distance to about 5 or 10 kms to begin with same as saying its ability to be controlled to send and receive signals at farther distance… please check these capabilities when you can? I’m having difficulty to decide which one to get, the 2 pro, phantom or this air? Please help me decide! Thanks again!

  3. JBHickok

    You can’t take this just about anywhere because your not allowed to fly them just about anywhere. I think these videos miss lead the average person to invest in these expensive things only to then find they can hardly use them. I know because I got caught up the whole drone thing, and then wised up and got out.

  4. Vinh Ha

    Yes … some comments is right, it’s still expensive… but I save $$$ for fews months… and I just had it yesterday ,, not even fly yet…. I just look at it… it’s so beautiful … and it $1145 fly more combo… lol… I just feel not right to get this thing on Air…. I’m afraid to crash it… lol lol lol….

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