Mavic 2 Pro vs Mavic Pro drone. Worth the upgrade? Hasselblad Camera and improved Object Tracking.

I bought a new drone, the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, to replace my Mavic Pro in hopes of getting even more stunning 4K footage. The 3 big selling features on this new Mavic 2 Pro is the Hasselblad Camera with a 1″ sensor and the Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance sensors and advanced artificial Intelligence for better autonomous flight and object tracking.

The better camera with the 1″ sensor should allow me to get much better photos and video in low light situations. The camera takes 20 MP stills vs 12 MP on the original Mavic Pro. The new camera can shoot in10 bit colour which should also allow for more, true to life video with its ability to capture 1 billion colours.

DJI claims this new drone had an advanced AI that can track moving objects even when they pass behind other objects as it predicts where the tracked object will come out on the other side and can keep tracking it. The drone will fly autonomously to keep the object in the center of the frame and with its 6 sided omnidirectional sensors, should allow it to fly in places with a lot of trees and other obstructions and can alter it’s flight path automatically to avoid each obstacle.

It should be a big improvement over the older Mavic Pro and in this video, I will compare them. I will show you some 4K comparison footage from the 2 cameras and some object tracking.

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46 Replies to “Mavic 2 Pro vs Mavic Pro drone. Worth the upgrade? Hasselblad Camera and improved Object Tracking.”

  1. Cruising Off Duty

    A few people have asked me if I am selling my Mavic Pro. I probably should sell it to help pay for the new gear. I probably wont need 2. Once I do a few comparison videos with it. I should not need the original Mavic Pro and I do plan to sell it. It would come with tons of extra gear. Various Hard and clamshell cases, Lots of different brands of ND filters, extra props, prop guards, batteries etc etc. Someone is going to get a fully kitted out Mavic Pro. Anyone that is interested in making me an offer. Send me an email to

  2. Lou Jones

    Chris, do you remember the video you made when your drone landed in the water all by itself. When I watched this video, I thought of your situation. This truly could have been what happened. Watch this regarding a brand new inspire drone and what happened to it when flying in cold weather

    What’s your thoughts looking back at that situation?

  3. David Salman

    Screw the "Hasselblad" thing, money was not an issue to me, i Bought the Zoom because of it's Zooming capabilities, and with the new propeller design it's almost silent when it's in a decent range, you could zoom without annoying the people around you, that's worth the upgrade


    is funny you say those flares are unusable, i purchase a plugging called optical flares for after effects just to put those "Arrhhhhh" moments on purpose on some videos, I guess each head is a world in it's own. nice video!

  5. SandhoeFlyer

    Pre launch of this drone it was found to overheat. The radical solution was to reduce resolution or put another way, cut the heat build up by turning half the chip off. This by line skipping. This mean only half the possible sensor is used. Which can be seen in quality. Because the 1 inch sensor is housed in a tiny space it over heats but not any more not after it was half turned off. , because half of it is not used. so heat build up is not critical anymore. The P 4 pro has the same sensor, but is housed in a bigger space, it does not overheat. It can be seen in the picture quality. The MP with the 1 inch is a failure as a result. It should have been fixed with a larger housing. Check the 2.7k vid along sides the 4k vid output….ITS THE SAME Then compare it to the Phantom pro 4, the same chip at 4 K more than twice as good as the Mavic pro.

  6. mustLearnMore

    BRILLIANT review. You've absolutely convinced me to pay the extra cash for this newer model (I was very close to making-do with the original Mavic Pro). I think I'll be able to catch some stunning footage with it when I next cross the Atlantic to stay in Cape Breton. The Cabot Trail looks beautiful from road-level as it is, but when using this drone it will look even more epic. Thank you for your work, looking forward to watching your other Mavic Pro 2 videos.

  7. Magnus Persson

    Good video and lots of great information! Don´t want to sell my old Mavic Pro (love it too much). But will definitely get the M2P, with the new camera. Really enjoy working with images/video in post. Thanks for sharing the video, thumbs up from Hasselblad-country!

  8. RogerC68

    Once again you convinced me to buy a drone, the Mavic 2 Pro. Have a question regarding the HD filters. Do you think you will be using all 8 of them or favoring just a few of them?

  9. kalef1234

    small correction, the Mavic Pro DOES shoot in DLOG. It doesn't do HLG or 10-bit so still not going to be as flexible in grading or clean but perhaps you just need to update your firmware? if not, I'd like to know why you don't use DLOG on the Mavic Pro!

  10. kalef1234

    I got my Mavic Pro over summer before the Pro 2 came out for $599 with a pelican case and two batteries. The lens is a bit scratched but that's like a $100 part I'll get around to eventually. overall it was a good deal on such a portable drone

  11. Brendan O'Mara

    Love this detailed comparison! One minor thing – the old Mavic Pro does have zoom, it is just digital zoom rather than any optical zoom, and it is incremental as opposed to a nice fluid zoom.

  12. Floyd Bright

    I just found a Youtube video you might find interesting concerning new DVI drones. His name is Cliff Totten and has a VERY technical discussion about the cameras and processing. The title is "Mavic 2 Pro-Sensor Over-Heat Solved with line skipping?" I am a total novice so I have no opinion, just thought you might find it interesting.

  13. Never for Ever

    Hey…you can't fly a drone over residential areas with all those buildings…isn't that illegal? Someone should call the cops…oh, wait… 🙂

    Hopefully you will get some side by side over water before you sell the old one. I'd like to see the colour/glare comparisons.

  14. geetee50

    I see most have issues landing on a boat , what's to stop these program writers from inventing as landing glove so the drone just focuses on a chip in the mitt and comes right home.

  15. John Archard

    Hi Craig, that was narrated very well. Lots of good info. I’m still using the Mavic Pro. Where I live there are so many air/helicopter ports its hard to get motivated to fly sometimes. Anyway, as a sailor isn’t it going to present difficulty retrieving the drone while underway on a sailboat as opposed to a Phantom? Cheers.

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