Mavic 2 Pro – High Wind Stability Test

The Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom are amazing drones! What do you guys and gals think? High wind capabilities are impressive!

Want the Mavic 2 for yourself?:

Camera 1:
Camera 2:
Camera Lens:
Flexible Tri-pod:
Regular Tri-pod:
Big GoPro:
Little GoPro:
Mavic Drone:
Drone Case:
Chest Harness:

48 Replies to “Mavic 2 Pro – High Wind Stability Test”

  1. tom go

    Great test ?also the after party was fun? ,but you can not compare it to real wind ,i have got wind pushing my drone into the sea and it was impossible to get it back,
    So dont fly in the wind ?

  2. Andrew Andron

    Nice video, but I was seriously concerned about your nonchalant approach to very possible carbon monoxide poisoning. People die every day from this, as it puts them to sleep…. permanently. Glad you survived this, but please never run gas engines indoors again!
    Glad the drones didn’t die either. Man you made me scared.

  3. Enrique Javier Soler Romero

    I don't beleive this test at all!!! I'm used to fly my Phantom Pro 4 and, after I sank it into the sea, my new Phantom Pro 4 v2, making Kitesurf videos in high wind speed up to 40 knots. I'm used to fly the Mavic Pro and it has no power at all against high wind speed. I cannot beleive the Phantom 4 you are flying on this video cannot hold the wind you apply to it and the Mavic 2 does…. I kind of think you do work for DJI…

  4. Lloyd Mendenhall - The Grumpy Vlogger

    You are with out a doubt far crazier than me??????. Now mind you I’m an Old Fart ? and probably a bit senile, but Good God Man what were you thinking ?????????????. Great video. I always enjoy seeing you on Ken’s TNL. I finally watched your Vegamite video as well. You got me beat Laddie. ???????? And thanks for sharing.

  5. Victor Sadauskas

    Awesome stupid testing, the residual effects from the leaf blower might lead to brain damage, perhaps you had brain damage before starting those test. You should opened all the windows and used the leaf blower to clear the smoke. It was fun to watch lmfao

  6. Rob Sadler

    Damn this is funny! My first & only comment on a youtube vid. Love your videos. Thanks for making me laugh….. a lot. Your wife has to be ummm…. I can't find words. My wife is dang cool but………

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