Mavic 2 Pro | DJI Go 4 App Basics

The DJI Go 4 App can be intimidating to new users. This is an introduction to the basics. This is the first of a series of videos about the DJI Go 4 App. Future videos will have detailed tutorials on the settings features. They will be accessible through the notecards as they are added. Subscribe so you don’t miss:

Don’t like intro fluff? Skip ahead to 3:15 to get right to the app.

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40 Replies to “Mavic 2 Pro | DJI Go 4 App Basics”

  1. Kevin Masters

    ZOOM ALL THE WAY! Unless you're flying in very low light environments, both cameras are visually very similar, but the Zoom has lossless zoom and Dolly Zoom plus ultra HD photos. Much better value. Honestly!

  2. Edwin van den Akker

    7:43 I'm flying my Mavic 2 pro and zoom drones for a while now. And I turned off the .Emergency Stop Mode._
    My guess is that when I fly down, yawing left while going backwards to the right, I would have the sticks in the position of an emergency brake. That would unintentionally crash my drone. Right?

  3. RC944jim

    Darn only a few seconds of what started out to be a great video! Being a rail fan I stopped what I was doing to watch when it started. So if you have more rail footage please put some of it together for us and watch your subscribers numbers grow. 😉
    Rest of the video was ok and got a 👍 from me. Happy Flying!

  4. Armi

    I recently got the the mavic 2 Pro and not sure if I'm doing something wrong but the video picture when I'm flying is super bright and it seems that it doesn't auto adjust. When I had the mavic air I would just take off and the picture was great. Please help because I'm sure it shouldn't be a bad picture with such an awesome camera.

  5. Cayrick Pan

    You are right that app can be intimidating to new users like me and i found it very intimidating. Many pilots have posted controller videos on Youtube which are all encompassing. I need to digest this in small chunks. For this reason I found your video to be excellent and I thank you for taking the effort to post it.

  6. William Trap

    Russ, I am absolutely enjoying your videos. I am a brand new drone owner and my first purchase was the Mavic 2 Pro, I'll get some tutoring from a friend who has a Mavic Pro. I am eagerly waiting a video on CAMERA SETTINGS.

  7. James McDowell

    Thanks a lot!! I recently purchased the Mavic 2 Pro and so far I can’t keep my battery So it looks like I will be purchasing the Fly More Bundle as well. I’m currently trying to learn about all the capabilities of the camera and settings. I’ll be on the look out for your videos. Thanks again

  8. R M

    Hey, it’s me again. Do you by chance have a business email I could shoot a few things to you, and get your opinion? I don’t want to air it out on YouTube. Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad. I just admire your skills and totally trust whaat you say. If not, that’s ok, I understand. Thank you sir

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