Mavic 2 Foldable Landing Gear | PolarPro Versus CamKix

In this video, we are taking a look at some retracting foldable landing gear for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom. One set is from PolarPro and the other by CamKix. The idea behind foldable landing gear is you can install them on your Mavic 2 and you still are able to fold up your drone and don’t have to take them off when packing it away. We are comparing these two retractable landing gear sets to see which one performs better and which is the better buy.

PolarPro Landing Gear (USA)
PolarPro Landing Gear (CAN)

CamKix Landing Gear (USA)
CamKix Landing Gear (CAN)

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21 Replies to “Mavic 2 Foldable Landing Gear | PolarPro Versus CamKix”

  1. Lon Denard

    I have the Camkix, they work pretty good but they are kinda short, small and tend to swing up easily. I'm ordering the Polar Pros right now. I'm concerned about them fitting in my case, though…. BTW they are $25 at Best Buy but they aren't in stock yet.

  2. RaptorMan M2Z

    Well first off definitely polar pro are superior and still keep the compact profile during folded.
    As for the angle profile kept or not, I do think keeping it as polar pro did is the right choice, but as it affecting its flight and/or take off as you postulated I’d doubt it otherwise if that was important everyone doing hand launches / landings would already have been talking about issue in that regard.
    Lastly I can not speak of these two brands but think twice using any of these things, at the beginning I purchased and used a variation from Pgytech and they are closer to build quality of polar pros version the front ones can and will fall off, I’ve flown well over 100 hours and I’d say half the time the friction hold DID NOT hold luckily I never flew over anything that I’d have to worry about causing issue when/ if they fell but be aware you might think it would be a rare thing but in my experience it was very common. I’d say if you worried of debris getting the drone/motors then either perfect hand launch/landings or just stick with the simple landing pad.
    ~Semper Fi~

  3. Greg Mihran

    Well thought-out demo AP, great job on the FPV! It would have been perfect if you weighed each of the gear to get a sense of the incremental load (I assume less than 20 grams) and do a quick edit of the takeoff/landing with the gears on. That no-tilt CamKix has me curious of the auto-adjustments the drone has to do on take-off/landing. Probably not discernable to most pilots. EDIT — I just checked the Amazon pages: PolarPro is 24 grams, CamKix is 18.1 grams.

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