MASSIVE Sony and Nintendo Switch E3 2019 LEAKS! | RGT 85

It’s been a busy morning for E3 leaks, and pre-E3 announcements. Sony won’t be at E3, but some big news was made today that are obviously trying to capitalize on E3 hype with Death Stranding and The Last of Us 2 for Playstation. Some massive Nintendo Switch E3 leaks and rumors happened today as well, that are shifting the way E3 may turn out for Nintendo!

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50 Replies to “MASSIVE Sony and Nintendo Switch E3 2019 LEAKS! | RGT 85”

  1. turtlenuggetss

    Why do I just keep hoping for a new Viewtiful Joe game? Doesn't even need to be a new addition; they could just port the first two. Would be a dream to have another part of my childhood brought back on the switch.

  2. Mr. SEA

    It is ironic that many of Sony's exclusives this generation are post apocalyptic and one player only experiences, where one has to be stealthy to survive? DS on PS4 looks good, but I will probably wait for the remaster on PS5 before I grab a copy. I also expect a Switch Pro and Switch XL announcement.

  3. Matt Stewart

    Potential game of the year as long as the last of us 2 don't come out(please god let it be 2019 lou2 release) and that is if it's better then sekiro because man that game is my top so far.

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