Many things wrong with the AUDI eTron

On the one year anniversary of the AUDI eTron launch, an early adopting eTron owner from San Francisco reviews problems with the car and aims to inspire AUDI to make corrections & improvements to the vehicle.

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  1. Andrew Durant

    You press forwards to go backwards and press backwards to go forwards! Just imagine if you had a manual vehicle where you have to pull the gear stick back from 1st down into second to go faster, would that confuse you? Would you whine about that?

  2. mortil

    Here in sweden it was a guy who had so much problems with his Etron and Audi didnt want to end the lease so he wrote a looooooong sales ad for swedens biggest sale site and damn that took spin. 3 days later the ad was removed, all tech sites who had written about all the problems he had have deleted the article and so on.

    And i know they have a huge problem with these. a friend of mine work on them and tells me never to buy one.. 😀

  3. Tclark5

    To bad you didn’t read the manual. Any center mounted shifter you go move it forward to go into reverse. If you push on the drivers door as you open it you would have no problem. The doors have an electric opener. Change the battery in the key fob. All you have to do is press the door opener for 2 seconds to release the charge cable. It’s advertised as 2.3 , you are unreasonable and unrealistic!!


    I didn't choose Tesla cause Tesla refuse to allow 3rd party companies to recycle their cars cheaply, and they refuse to allow customers to know the repair history of a preowned car. So I've been looking into other electric cars, and the electric cars that don't have serious problems all look like shit. Too me.

  5. Ravi Mitra

    The door thing isn’t an issue, if your car is on it wont let you leave on first push. As it thinks you have left the car on. Then if you need to go, with it on you pull again and its open like you showed in the video lol. Also, you need to press the button on the charge port then unlock your car, then remove the cable.

  6. michael996

    Less than 4 minutes in and it's clear that the gentleman who created this video is attempting to make a mountain out of less than a molehill as well as having a rather incomplete misunderstanding of how things work on his e-tron. First, it's painful watching him stab at the charging door release button while almost simultaneously attempting to yank the connector out of the charging port. Pressing the release, waiting a beat or two for the locking mechanism to disengage and then disconnecting the cable works every time for me. Likewise, pulling the interior door handle while at the same time jamming his shoulder against the door is not the way someone with any mechanical sensibilities opens a vehicle door. We have had zero problems opening or closing the doors. Also, his comments about operation of the shifter just come across as whining. Even someone unfamiliar with the drive/reverse directions of the shift handle should be able to adapt quickly. If one just can't, buy a different car. FWIW, Audi's sister manufacturer Porsche uses a logically similar system in their superlative PDK gearbox.  In the Porsche road (and racing) gearbox manual upshifts using the console lever occur when the lever is pulled back and downshifts when pushed forward. As a Porsche owner, pulling back on the lever to go forward is completely natural. With regard to regenerative braking, I suppose it's a matter of preference but IMHO the way Audi handles it is far superior to the heavy regen braking in the BMW i3 we owned previously. Having the ability to coast when desired, to manipulate the paddles to increase regen in stages when that's appropriate, and having the auto regen feature take over as a backup is much more to my liking as an involved driver.

  7. BigAl60504

    OK I am four minutes in and all I hear is a Whiny SF type that did not do any research? Is there really a REAL problem with the car? Do I have to watch all of this to find out his ass was not kissed enough or is there some meat here? I have an i3 to and of course a car that weights half of the Audi will be more efficient.

  8. Mark Chen

    Many thanks to the points of view from real user. I suggest there's different thoughts are based on how Audi makes this e-tron, the very first pure electrical vehicle in the brand. The major idea is to help traditional drivers "transfer" to the next generation; therefore, they start their ideas from current cars, instead of electrical cars. Indeed, there are still disadvantages to be improved, but it's still a phenomenal vehicle.

  9. Stephen Rudberg

    Wow. Have been watching a lot reviews on the e-tron as I have been interested in this vehicle for next year once the lease on my vehicle expires. But you are the first user (except for the automotive journalist's) that have experienced problems with the car. The charging issue is something I have seen mentioned in one review, and that is a problem and annoying. The other issues you mention such as the car not recognizing your key, automatic seat memory, lack of proper super charging infrastructure, misleading mileage and or battery range, and not a sufficient ability to use rengerative braking are disappointing. On the other hand, this is the first generation e-tron and there are obviously bugs that Audi still has to work out and fix. But this is disappointing news for a car that looks so amazing and appears on the surface to be the perfect family luxury EV to challenge Tesla. Apparantly not. Yet.

  10. Sandra Dubeau

    As an Audi owner of over 6 at this time, this is a terrible video. You sound like a person expecting caviar on a tuna budget. Audi will always take care of your re-calls and FYI look at your I3s videos by the institute of highway safety before posting your neck will thank you 🙄

  11. jsolomon8080

    A few comments suggest that author is whining or making this stuff up. I guess whether or not he's whining is a matter of opinion (I don't think he is), but he's definitely not making anything up. I bought an etron 3 months ago and have experienced exactly the same issues! ALL OF THEM! I'm happy to hear it's not just my car.

    I hate how the seat doesn't always snap into position after I get in. I hate how it's not easy to unhook the charger. I hate how very occasionally the car has accused me of not having my key when it was always in my pocket or in the center console. I hate how the doors don't reliably open. My family has been frustrated when they can't get out! It's nuts that they can't open the doors!

    Additionally, I have my own issues I would like to whine about! My biggest is that the car doesn't reliably connect to my phone. Neither the MMI "normal" bluetooth or the wireless CarPlay interface connects reliably. I'd guess it connects about half the time and the other half I have go back and forth trying to force a connection via various means. This is maddening. It's amazing that I don't have to plug my phone into the car but awful that it only works half the time. I have a fully updated Iphone X so I don't blame my phone. It seems to me that all the issue that this video discusses and the issues that I've seen could be addressed with software fixes. I know software is hard, but c'mon Audi – can't you release an update?

    Other commenters suggest getting a Tesla S/3/X and to that I say, whatever. The Model X is super ugly and all the Teslas are like graduate research projects compared to the luxury of the etron. Just sit in an etron side by side with any Tesla and you'll immediately see the difference. The etron is a true luxury car. The Teslas are EVs.

    In general, I love my etron and all the stuff the author mentions and the stuff I've experienced grinds on me too but maybe less than the author because I don't have an 80 mile daily commute. I'd recommend the etron but I'm also looking forward to see how the EV market improves over the next few years. That is why I leased!

    Author: I live on the peninsula – if you need another corroborator, I'd be happy to help. How do we get an audience with the Audi guys responsible for their software? Certainly the dealer will be of no help.

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