Making Your Nintendo Wii Games Look Better Than Ever! – Adam Koralik

It’s Adam Koralik here and today we’re discussing using an mCable with the Wii U to play original Wii games. The difference may surprise you!

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29 Replies to “Making Your Nintendo Wii Games Look Better Than Ever! – Adam Koralik”

  1. Fire Dust

    I've had four Wii remotes within 12 years, and thankfully none of them had the issues you were having. Except for one but that was due to a cracked sensor on the remote itself. I dunno if your Wii remotes were just defective or anything like that, but its weird how the all your Wii remotes just refused to function like they should.

  2. Ian Eons

    Wii fans are just a bunch of people in college who try to annoy everybody older and younger.I personally think the Wii is alright,but I totally understand why people like you hate it.But I have no freaking idea why certain people don't like the GameCube or Wii U because those consoles are awesome.

  3. HScarlet

    I got the MClassic and it really does make Wii games look better and I imagine they will be more immersive now. Did really well on Tomb Raider Anniversary, Nights Journey of Dreams, and Xenoblade Chronicles, the Wii looks and feels really good now.

    However, for some reason it doesn't do much to Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition and that game needs it a lot. Perhaps there's too much detail on screen or something. But the opening bit in the forest still looks like a mess. It's so weird, on the PC, you play a messing looking old game like Jedi Academy or Outcast, and you just set up an Nvidia profile for it and turn on FXAA and it instantly cleans it up, for free with barely any hit on the graphics card.

    If you have a Wii U and a load of Wii games, it's easy to recommend, because Wii games REALLY need this device. However, given the price tag, there isn't much else of a reason I would recommend it.

    It feels like the Wii, like the Game Cube, was meant for a 4:3 image, but is forced to do a 16:9 image, and it really doesn't look good doing it. If Nintendo wasn't going to make the Wii powerful like it's competition at the time, they could have at least made it so these MClassic capabilities were built into the Wii from the start. I've always said about the Wii "I'd just be happy for some decent AA ability". It's annoying that Nintendo didn't do this themselves. just something basic like FXAA would have been incredible. The messy output was always one of the things that put me off playing this console more.

  4. Ian Eons


    (*COUGH hyper *COUGH *COUGH charge *COUGH beat *COUGH em *COUGH *COUGH *COUGH ups *COUGH ar *COUGH *COUGH LO *COUGH ConnEr *COUGH theeeewAffLe *COUGH *COUGH *COUGH AUSTIN,Texas *COUGH *COUGH *COUGH *COUGH EVanns *COUGH Relaxxx *COUGH ÅlAx *Gotta get my Pro-Wii U water or Pro-Wii U cough medicine.)

  5. Ian Eons

    I personally think that some of the people who grew up on the Wii (People who are 16-19 mainly) are kinda annoying.They always don't like the Wii U (Only the best Nintendo console).Thankfully,the other half love the Wii U since it pretty much takes everything the Wii did right and made it better and for hardcore gamers as well as a little bit for casual gamers.I personally kinda like the Wii,but I totally understand why people don't,but I have no clue when people don't like the GameCube or Wii U.Right now the GameCube is hitting it big with nostalgia,The Wii will in 2025,and the Wii U in 2030.

  6. Scott Clark

    I bought a Wii for £5 from eBay with a Wiimote, zapper, gamecube controller – all works perfectly and I'm able to play Gamecube games on my Sony Bravia OLED in 1080p with an upscaler. That's a fkn bargain!

  7. chan4est

    Jeeze. I've never seen someone hate the Wii sooo much. I assume you're sitting too close to the TV or aren't using a mote with motion plus? Also a bit surprised you don't have AA batteries lying around for stuff like GameBoys, WiiMotes, Xbox 360 Controllers, etc…

  8. Gogiga Gagagilasaurus

    What about playing exclusively WiiU Vitrual Console games (as in, VC games bought from the WiiU eShop, NOT from the Wii's Wii Shop Channel via a WiiU) ?

    Would setting it to 480p (or possibly 720p) + mCable be better than setting it to 1080p ?

  9. Clifton Strange

    If you have the HDMI adapter for the Wii and the mCable, why not just show the comparison to the Wii U and mCable? Show people it is worse. Wii U's are ridiculously expensive still ($120+), which would mean I'd pay around $240 total to do this setup. OR I could get the adapter for $8 dollars and then the mCable for $120. It would be nice to have that comparison to justify the cost.

  10. H N

    I was a Wii hater with no reason like you when the Wii was mainstream. I got one lots of years ago after its success and boy this machine is pure gold. The Wiimote is the most versatile game pad ever made and the catalog is fucking amazing. Just homebrew it and get a component cable (that expensive cable you mention isn't necessary at all) and you don't even have to buy another console anymore.

  11. John Ho

    I'm probably really late, but if you see this, would you have any idea how good the Hyperkin Wii HDMI cable is? I watched your vid regarding their Dreamcast HDMI cable and it seemed like they're an adequate company. Are the Hyperkin Wii HDMI cables competent as well? That's honestly what I'm chasing lol.

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