Making My Body Ripped through the medium of Wii Fit

Welcome to Nintendo exercise, here’s your $70 piece of plastic. Don’t go outside, because Mario doesn’t live there.

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20 Replies to “Making My Body Ripped through the medium of Wii Fit”

  1. RTGame

    There's probably going to be quite a few comments saying 'omg RT eat more' and the like. Just so people know, I am actually trying to change my eating habits and work on myself a bit. I'm quite comfortable with how I am, but it never hurts to be in better shape. So you don't need to yell at me because I already know and am doing my best. I put myself out there quite a bit for the sake of entertainment for this one, so I hope people enjoy the video 🙂

  2. theJman

    When I was younger I used to play Tony Hawk Ride and I would heel flip the game board. My friend had the same game and I did it at his house and he was like dude your gonna break it.

  3. Can Tin

    'Why can't you just go outside instead of playing on this game?'
    Because I'm socially awkward and hate being outside with everyone else.
    It could be worse though, thank God video games exist. It'll be a lot louder without them. ?

  4. Can Tin

    I am obese and used to have a problem where I never stopped eating but recently I've been struggling to eat properly (as in I have the exact opposite problem). 🙁
    Edit: In case of comments it's nothing to do with my self confidence about my weight. Idk, I guess I just stopped really caring about food as I got other responsibilities now.

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