Make Your Gamecube And SNES Controller Wireless For Nintendo Switch

A new accessory has released that will turn your wired Gamecube controller into a wireless controller that can be used from anywhere in the room. This adapter from 8BitDo will also work with controllers such as the SNES Classic controller using the expansion port on the other side. This is a really cool accessory to go along with Smash Bros or even the NES Online library if you want to play from across the room and not have to worry about wires.

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28 Replies to “Make Your Gamecube And SNES Controller Wireless For Nintendo Switch”

  1. TheKHfan358over3d

    Disclaimer: you cannot use a Classic Controller at the same time as a Gamecube Controller if you try to have both plugged in The Classic Controller will only work (not sure if the reverse will happen where only the Gamecube controller will work when both are plugged in), don't worry though it doesn't break it Just Unplug the controller you're not using and you'll be fine

  2. Switch Cat

    Sorry for the late comment – I have one and I love using the SNES Classic controllers on it for any of the retro-style indies I tend to enjoy.
    As a note, it will run off the Switch dock through the USB cable. Also, when it's plugged in, it does not need batteries AND it will wake the system with the red 'home' button. You just need to set the Switch to accept wired pro controllers in settings.
    I just put it on an extra-long USB cable like a controller adapter. Also works well with the Wii Classic controllers, which have the good D-Pad and the all-important Home button. It's all about the D-Pad.

  3. That One Friend

    I’m assuming because the switch recognizes the adapter as a pro controller, you have to actually fully press down the triggers on the GameCube controller because it doesn’t recognize analog trigger?

  4. Huibert Jan Versnel

    I got my gbros today and it has 2 modes for Switch, namely pro and gamecube mode. To change the mode you need to press L+R+A+B+Start. The LED on the adapter will (temporary) turn green for gamecube mode, red for pro controller mode. The pro mode was set as default. In pro mode ZR and R are swapped.

  5. krankyman

    For those who believe in proprietary rechargeable batteries i'll cite you an example. I own a wireless Razer mouse.. it included a built in battery very similar to a phone battery. it's removable via a door which is handy problem is that only about 2 years after buying the mouse the battery swelled up and i needed a replacement. I thought no big deal I'll hit Razer up and order a new one. They could not provide the battery, the retailer could not provide the battery I could not find a battery online. So now it's permanently wired. If however it took a AA or even two I'd have no issue. Now if 8bitdo provided a built in battery would they do any better than Razer? Maybe, but probably not. inbuilt batteries severely limit the usable life of a product. So, no thanks.

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