Make it so! Talk to Amazon Echo like the Star Trek computer

Amazon boldly goes where no smart speaker has gone before – by letting you speak to it like the computer aboard the Starship Enterprise.

21 Replies to “Make it so! Talk to Amazon Echo like the Star Trek computer”

  1. Speedyretreat

    0:15 is when I hesitated watching. I mean, you don't need intimate knowledge of the subject matter, but jesus, at least know the name of the freakin' show. Obviously somebody else wrote the script, you wouldn't make a four lights reference and still call it Star Track…

  2. ObiWanBillKenobi

    The Star Trek computer type (TNG-DS9-VOY era) was called LCARS (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System). One was present in every Starfleet vessel/building/etc. Majel Barrett recorded tons of (still mostly unused) voice responses when she was alive so that she can still continue being the computers' voice even today and in… the future!!

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