Maintaining Your Nintendo Equipment: New 3DS XL System Transfer

In this video, I document the system transfer process between my 3DS XL and my New 3DS XL. Since the New 3DS XL now uses micro SD memory cards, the process is not quite so simple as merely inserting the SD card from the source system into the target system at the required point. Nintendo recommends copying the contents of the SD card to a PC and moving them to the micro SD card with the use of a micro SD to USB adaptor. I found that my Android phone works just fine…

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  1. Aidan Kocer

    If I want to transfer a New 3DS XL to another New 3DS XL, do I still have to use a computer? I wouldn't think so because they are both microSD. Also, there is a "wireless transfer" option. Is that good to use? I have not downloaded anything from the eShop other than Pokemon Bank. All of my games are physical cards. I have a few photos, four MII characters, and no audio recordings. I also have purchased two themes and I have them set up in theme shuffle. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks very much.

    edit: The reason I am transferring is because my first New 3DS XL came with a big scratch on it. I didn't bother to contact the seller because I didn't care about the scratch at the time, because it was my Birthday and I was so eager to start playing Pokemon and Kirby. I bought my new one 1 1/2 years later (six days ago), and I wanted to transfer it all. Again, thanks!

  2. Arturo Mena

    Wait let’s just say my 3DSXL top screen broke but I can still see it, can I Transfer my data back to my regular 3DS from my 2DSXL and when I get it fix I can transfer the data back to my 2DSXL?

  3. thewaterman122

    Wait, so let me get this straight – If I have digital games on my current 3DS, but I want to transfer that software onto a brand new device with the same Nintendo Network ID, it is possible to do that?

  4. ItsSwirlz

    Hello everyone.

    Some data on your 3DS you are trying to transfer data to, it will format its System Memory, so you will NOT have your Mii's, or Photo's and Voice Recordings if they are saved to system memory. To prevent this,

    1) Camera and Sound: Save recordings, pictures, etc. to SD Card
    2) Mii Maker:
    Turn on BOTH 3DS's to Mii Maker
    Have both of the 3DS's send and recieve
    Send all your Mii's to the 3DS you are trying to transfer data too.

    This way you will have all System Memory files.

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