Madden 21 | Official Reveal Trailer | PS4, Xbox One, PC

Go All Out in Madden NFL 21 with innovative gameplay mechanics that offer advanced levels of control and inspire creativity on both sides of the ball. Feel all-out control with the new Skill Stick ball-carrier system, dominate the edge with fresh pass rush moves, experience more open-field realism with tackle improvements, and have more fun with user-controlled celebrations.

Pre-Order Madden NFL 21:
Play 3 days early with the MVP Edition beginning August 25, 2020, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

50 Replies to “Madden 21 | Official Reveal Trailer | PS4, Xbox One, PC”

  1. TomZyrone

    I didn’t get paid to like this video, yet I did. Idc what anyone says. IS NO ONE AWARE THAT THEY MADE THIS IN QUARANTINE?? I don’t regret buying it. How can they pay 18K people to like the video?

  2. RakoonDude4

    Love supporting the YouTubers who drop 40k$ on your MUT right? And it’s little toxic kids who follow them drop a few hundreds $ of their Christmas or bday money or mommy’s money right?

  3. TomZyrone

    Say whatever u want to me. But ea didn’t pay me and I liked the video. I don’t pay attention to the features a lot but ik a lot of u r frustrated. But I liked the video and nothing u say can make me change my mind

  4. Sonic live boy

    This is a really good trailer but I am really getting annoyed of Brandon Gaudon and Charles Davis they are annoying and we want new announcers please fix that and your good franchise needs a little improvement but overall looks like this game is gonna be okay

  5. Ben Sisko

    Aah, one of the happiest times of the year! I still remember going past KB toy store in the mall and seeing John Madden's face and outstretched hands (Madden 91) and thinking to myself, what is this? And I've been on the bandwagon ever since. 2K was better and I wish it was still here, but I do love Madden too!

  6. Obama Away

    Yeah but do we get oceanic servers or are we going to be stuck with 100 ping for another year like i want to play madden but its impossible to play online in Australia cant even play private matches with other people from Australia cause there are no servers

  7. Dal Pal

    Boooo! BOOOOOO 👎👎👎
    EA is riding out this exclusive license agreement and it's drying up fast. Very gross that PS2 Madden plays better and has more depth/features. EA higher ups -> Do better.

  8. YouTube Channel

    Madden 08: 7.9 IGN
    85% Metacritic
    7.5 GameSpot
    9.5/10 People who play Madden 08
    Madden 20: 8.1 IGN
    79% Metacritic
    8 GameSpot
    1/10 People Who Play Madden 20
    Excuse me, wtf? Who is reviewing this game?

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