Madden 21 Gameplay – Bears vs Lions @ Soldier Field | Chicago vs Detroit – PS4

Madden 21 is HERE!! Watch Mathew Stafford and the Detroit Lions take on Mitchell Trubisky and the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. It’s Chicago vs Detroit in Madden 21 EA Play (EA Access) Gameplay on PS4. Lions vs Bears.
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11 Replies to “Madden 21 Gameplay – Bears vs Lions @ Soldier Field | Chicago vs Detroit – PS4”

  1. Victor Washington

    I knoq PS5 and Xbox Series X is supposed to come out but give me a break. As long as PS4 and Xbox One are still out. They should still make quality graphic looking games to play and good speed for the players like madden 17 and 18. This franchise has gotten terrible looking and very un-entertaining for the last 3 games. I don't think I can say it enough but I'm over madden its gotten to garbage to watch and spending 65 dollars for a disk that isn't worth it can't do it anymore. I think I'll stick to action games and NBA 2k EA enough is ENOUGH. I read several reviews on google today on a scale of 1-5 a 2.3 rating then a hour later 2.2 rating. That is not cool at all. It is time for competition like activision or 2K, Ubisoft to take over this franchise. And its been buggy since July and it was still sold to the public. Damn. Or maybe 505 games Rockstar. Something different this time.

  2. Anthony L

    If the scoreboard wasn't changed and a few icons above the players were different it looks and sound's the exact same as madden 20. Announcers should of been changed or given a different script.

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