Macaulay Culkin plays The Pagemaster (SNES) James & Mike Mondays (Episode 294)

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Guest Macaulay Culkin joins James Rolfe and Mike Matei to play The Pagemaster for SNES!

This is James & Mike Mondays Episode 294

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27 Replies to “Macaulay Culkin plays The Pagemaster (SNES) James & Mike Mondays (Episode 294)”

  1. Brad B

    I love to see the growth of the Cinemassacre franchise. The cast as a whole is awesome (Justin is quite funny), and bringing Culkin and his laid back 30s vibe is refreshing. TY for more then nostalgia, but an actual variety style TV show , it personally fills a void in entertainment when I left traditional television.

  2. FleAmerica

    It's this type of video that makes me remember why I love youtube. How come would that meeting have been possible back there in the 90's? I didn't know Culkin was so humble, easy going and playful. A great man. 🙂

  3. Expunge6667

    I love this. I have loved the nerd forever, and to see him get along with Macaulay really drives it home. I am glad to see everyone happy and in good health. I hope you all have an amazing 2019!

  4. Awesomeo41

    I think james and mike were helping mucaulay promote his own website. That's why i think he agreed to go on the avgn show and I think he might have been a fan too.

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