Lutz GM Tesla Death Oops,Truckee Scares Semi 2019 (450)

Bob Lutz has shared many reasons for the demise of Tesla including announced large numbers of new cars from gm,vw,daimler and bmw as well as korean and japanese firms.Tesla semi now faces the cold of Truckee california and denver.

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18 Replies to “Lutz GM Tesla Death Oops,Truckee Scares Semi 2019 (450)”

  1. TheHighlandPony

    Elon mentioned the million mile battery pack coming next year. Do you think this pack is to be made utilizing the Maxwell dry electrode battery technology? If so, this is a vastly accelerated timeline. Perhaps just Elon time?

  2. TheHighlandPony

    It is unlikely that the semi would take the I-70 route through the tunnel to Denver. I-80 is an easier, faster, shorter route with a lower maximum elevation up over the continental divide.

  3. Ifeanyi Ibeanu

    The tesla semi is said to comprise of 4 model 3 battery packs and motors. Max weight for this can't be over 25000 pounds. What you seem to be suggesting is that the cab and tires weigh 55000 pounds.

  4. John Davis

    If Tesla thinks 600 mile range is good for truck transport they need to learn the FACTS of transportation.
    600 range in a car is fine but in a Semi is a joke and it will be their demise.

  5. Ifeanyi Ibeanu

    Good day boss. I've understand where you're coming from (as far as tesla semi accomplishing it's range), but I can't quite get there. I've said this before and it's getting old but, I believe Elon when he says the semis will reach 300-600 miles of range. He's a rocket scientist, he has delivered on all promises inventions, and he has credibility with his own products. At the very most the Tesla semi should miss it's expected range by 10-30%, not 50-75..

  6. FAB Group LLC

    If it isn't already obvious, you can't listen to Bob Lutz. He has already failed at his EV venture with Fisker and really just can't understand how Musk can succeed where he failed. What many may not understand is that Tesla has succeeded with the right combo in BEV design and construction and all the talk of competitors is simply others trying to catch up. While competition is trying to make a BEV equal to a 2012 Tesla, Tesla is leading the charge in autonomous driving and, I suspect, in the next generation of battery technology. Where Lutz and others have succeeded is lowering the CapX of Tesla. 42B for Tesla is a bargain buy. Lyft is at 25B: Uber is at 62B, and Tesla will beat them all to autonomy with an already feature complete fleet of cars.

  7. Peter Lainas

    The titles for your videos are very nonsensical and confusing. I don't currently subscribe for that reason, mainly. You also might want to quit streaming for every video. Build up your subscriber base with coherent, edited videos and save the live videos for more off-the-cuff content. You ramble too much in your live videos.

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