Lucid Air: The electric car that fixes Tesla's mistakes?

You could be forgiven for dismissing Lucid Motors as just another California-based EV brand with a style-over-substance car that’ll never see the light of day – but you shouldn’t. Despite numerous delays, Lucid’s first car – the Air – is real, and it’s nearly here, ready to take on Tesla. Check out the video to find out why it might just be one of the most important new EVs of the decade.

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38 Replies to “Lucid Air: The electric car that fixes Tesla's mistakes?”

  1. Steve V

    I'm a hard core motorhead and like my muscle cars. So looks are very important to me and I gotta say that Lucid Air has it all over Tesla. Will they continue to keep the stylish looks
    on the cheaper models, I hope so. That to me is one of the drawbacks, some people don't mind what the car looks like it's just to get them around. I have a problem with that driving
    around in a geek car just don't cut it and this is the first electric car I have to say is spot on as far as looks. Will it hold up for some trouble free years? The charging thing is the other
    question in my mind, what good are all these electric cars with no charging stations. And the other question in my mind is when you are charging up on the side of the road or where ever
    seems to me your car is very vulnerable to people screwing with your charging cable or purposely shorting it out after all when charging who wants to baby-sit their car. Still very
    apprehensive about all electric cars with all the bugs that has to be overcome. But this Lucid is one sharp looking car that's for sure.

  2. Lukas Murmann

    Even if you can't afford this cat (and many like to point that out…), it's still great news! More competition from the likes of Lucid means every other carmaker pushes themselves to make even better and more affordable cars.
    So yes, this will help you get your 25k 500+ miles cars sooner!

  3. Pixel KING

    The crazy thing is for like $9-$10,000 more you can get an Lucid Air you don’t have to get a base model Tesla lmao … which is $45,000 but $56,000 after all the taxes tell me I would be a fool not to add $4,000 more and get a Damn Lucid Air

  4. palmatierjohn

    I looked at the big Tesla and the interior was terrible, no room (I'm 6'5" and 270), so I went to my local Mercedes dealer sat in the S Class and fell in love to the point that we special ordered the vehicle and then flew to Germany for the "European Delivery" program, probably one of Mercedes best kept secrets. Just today (09/03/2020) is the first time I heard of the Lucid Air. Perhaps they will get a production car to market, but if this takes a while I'll be headed back to Germany to pickup another S Class.

  5. Hyperdrive E

    You don’t have to name or compare every thing to Tesla. That’s cheap to you and the brand you’re talking about 👎🏼
    👎🏼video, don’t be a puppet to a idiot!
    Especially idiotic to compare production vehicles to expected videos.👎🏼
    Just lost my sub👋🏼

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