Low cost door sensor in Domoticz Rflink setup

A short video to help you setup a low cost door sensor 433Mhz in domoticz with a homemade rflink.

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  1. Jean Paul

    thanks for this great howto !
    These are the door-sensors I ordered recently @Ali (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32741514329.html?spm=a2g0o.detail.1000016.1.70a45ce9EeCxnc&isOrigTitle=true))
    1) For the ones I received I can confirm that "two-way" is a nono ! When you take a look inside there's only the 433MHz transmitter part, no receiver whatsoever (the 2nd IC is a microcontroller)
    2) When battery voltage drops to 1V a specific code is send, unfortunately I don't see this as a device in Domoticz

  2. Ian P. Heitmans

    Thanks for the video. I bought these exact same sensors and in the dashboard I can see it switch from open to close and back. But unfortunately in Blocky the status of the door sensor remains "Open" whatever state the dashboard shows. I hoped to prevent a program from closing my windowshutters when my windows are open but since the value in Blockly isn't updated, it doesn't work.

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