23 Replies to “Lou Diamond Phillips Longmire”

  1. Discernment

    Everything I've ever seen of LDF he's struck me as very decent guy as well as he's as good an actor as there is. That said, and it's mostly the reporter, but you have to get that good ole % of Leftist Victimhood in there, don't ya?

  2. Karen The Sheep Girl

    Great actor. I watch Longmire way too much and love his character. He has the type of look where you can't quite put your finger on his ethnicity as Anthony Quinn did which proved to be a blessing for them both.

  3. Ace

    Looking good for 54,.met him about 30yrs. ago..I'm glad he's doing great,.Didn't know he was Philipino,.Thought he was American,.

  4. RebelSoul556

    great show, but for realism, make sure walt carries his 1911 with the hammer back. no sheriff on the planet would carry without one in the chamber, and they definitely wouldn't lower the hammer if they did lol. maybe the blonde chick could button her uniform up too, she's not hot and it's just not realistic at all lol. great show though, i just always notice all the weird shit like that.

  5. greatsea

    Yep, I couldn't think of a better contrast than Cruise. There is just an earthiness and sanity in LDP's demeanor that draws you to him. And then he's 1/8th Cherokee.

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