[LONGPLAY] SNES – Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island “100%” (HD, 60FPS)

Played by xRavenXP (me)

This is a longplay of the game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, released in Japan in August 1995 and October 1995 in the North America. The game is a prequel to Super Mario World, where the player this time controls only Yoshi, who must accompany Mario still baby through six worlds, in order to reunite him with his brother Luigi, who had been kidnapped by henchmen of Baby Bowser.

The game is simply one of the most fantastic and beautiful of Super Nintendo, using a special chip called Super FX, which gives fantastic graphics that appear to have been designed by hand. This video is totally 100%, I collected all the flowers, red coins and stars in the stages. I hope you enjoy this video.

42 Replies to “[LONGPLAY] SNES – Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island “100%” (HD, 60FPS)”

  1. ChiChrisTho23

    Underrated gem of a title, I wish I played this back when it came out. I played this on the snes in my uncles game store when I was 8, 5 years ago. Now I’m 13 and I still love this old school classic.

  2. Jmanup85

    Knowing that hacks or whatever were used to beat this game because I saw stupid fast inputs on some mini games killed it. Back in my day we beat this game with none of that crap.

  3. Ignacio Slothboss

    Weird. I'm realizing now that this game is probably in my top 3 best Mario Games I've played (not a long list, I wasn't able to purchase any new nintendo console after 64).
    Anyways, I had forgotten about this game. As it nevercexisted, now I'm re-living admiration for this game artwork.

  4. Pavel Yankouski

    the end of 20 century is a golend age of a gamedev. Current devs cant understand the word called gameplay, skirmish and such, they need vr and mobile – more power, high end cgi that gives – nothing

  5. Sativum Coalho

    Best Mario game ever. It pushed the hardware to the extreme and creators were brimming with creativity and wonder. That’s a masterpiece on every imaginable aspect.
    The bar was set so high that even the sequels to the DS handhelds feel bland, poor and rushed in comparison (and oh man, how the newer soundtracks are dull!).

  6. EdgyPickle

    This shit really hits me. Im not a soft person and I dont cry easily but this is the only thing that can really hurt me. I remember how innocent and unknowing i was. Who would’ve thought a young adorable child would turn into an edgy cunt like me

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