Long Range Tesla Model 3- Waste of Money?

The Tesla Model 3 is turning the car industry upside-down by it’s ankle and sticking it’s head in the toilet. Innovation and technology paired with an electric drive train is a force to be reckoned with. But what about buying one? What should you be looking for and what do you need? Enjoy….

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23 Replies to “Long Range Tesla Model 3- Waste of Money?”

  1. gregs1020

    he makes good points but i wouldn't consider it a waste of money either. it's not that someone "needs" 310 miles of range, they just needed more than 200-220. i believe the MR that was recently released helps with some of those buyers as it achieves ~250 miles per charge, which is more than enough to travel between superchargers here in the US.
    don't waste money is always good advice, but every buyer has different needs etc.

  2. gmcjetpilot

    $35,000 std Model 3? Never happening, vaporware. Dream on. EV's are great second cars. Wait and buy 3 yr old models. Go for least expensive LEAF used and have a second car for long range, or if road trips are rare, once or twice a year rent a car for about $20-$25 a day with weekly rate (or fly). DON'T RENT CAR's AT AIRPORT IF YOU CAN AVOID IT… Go to rental places away from airport and save airport tax.

  3. Marc H

    I bought the LR. I use my car mostly for commutes. I at least, have the option of making longer trips. I do have a Tesla charger at home, but I don't HAVE to use it everyday. Bottom line – peace of mind!

  4. Michael Huang

    If you want to take care of your battery, you charge it frequently to keep it between 30-70/80%. So with the base model, that’s below 200 miles.

    Add in if you don’t live in a place that’s always warm and that goes down more during winters. Not saying you’re wrong. I haven’t seen any comments about battery efficiency. LR was def worth it to me.

  5. PlanetMusk Vlog

    When one owns a Tesla, one finds reasons to drive more. My ModelX seems fine with 230 miles standard range (up to 250 miles) has worked well for many road trips. Superchargers means unlimited range.

  6. Tuan Le

    Ok now you can save $4k for the mid range model. This sound like a terrible deal to me because it’s quite a down grade for not much saving. What used to be a premium sedan is now comparable to a bolt.

  7. ALSET Go

    Is charging the car everyday a bad thing ? Doesn’t that cause faster battery degradation?
    Won’t the long range give you the ability to go further in between charges ?

  8. 1stMil.com

    Good video. Subbed. This is the reason why the backlog for LR Model 3 is now more or less exhausted. Tesla will need lots of new capital just stay afloat. $35K model 3 will most likely never going to happen. Bait and switch at it's finest. Well done, Elon!

  9. Anthony LaPenta

    The 9k includes the premium sound system and interior not just the long range battery. Also my wife is driving my old 2016 Volt and we share a charger so nice to know I only need to charge once a week

  10. Al A.

    I’m very not happy with this video. Just because it’s not Wyoming for you does not mean it’s does not work for other people that’s why I’m giving this thumps down.

  11. S Copeland

    1. Cold weather highway driving with the heat on cuts range substantially.  2. Battery longevity is maximized when you keep charge between 20 to 80%.  Much easier to do with a big battery.  3. You always want to arrive with a buffer of about 10-20% making the actual  range much shorter in real world driving.  4. Charging is faster when battery is emptier.  Much larger "fast charging" zone with the big battery.  5. Many longer trips are possible with only one stop and this can save up to an hour of travel time.  6.Keeps you mobile in an extended power outage.

  12. LifeBot

    everyone have different needs and different habits. many teslas in future will all somewhat be slightly unique. You buy long range to support the company. Or just wait for the 35000 coming 2019. people shouldn't be thumbing down on somone who owns and loves a tesla. sheesh.

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