Logitech K600 TV Keyboard – Smart TV typing and navigation Black

The K600 TV is a keyboard with integrated touchpad and D-Pad so you can search, select, and control your Smart TV with ease from the comfort of your couch.


18 Replies to “Logitech K600 TV Keyboard – Smart TV typing and navigation Black”

  1. Teddy

    Not backlit, bummer Logitech!
    BTW, why aren't you making mini-keyboards for Android boxes like the Nvidia Shield? It seems you let the Chinese take that market. I would really like to see a quality built mini-keyboard with Bluetooth, learning IR blaster, voice and backlighting. Something that looks similar to the Rii 8+BT, but from Logitech, because the Chinese don't seem to be capable of creating one that doesn't suffer from RF interference. I would gladly pay a higher price for a high quality mini-keyboard.

  2. ToDreamOrNotToDream

    2x AAA batteries, unifying receiver, separate right-click button additionally to separate left-click, 1 year warranty. I bet that touch pad is still just as bad as they were in y2k, but… By the time this keyboard becomes available in my country amazon user reviews will be ready and then I'll decide if it really is that good to purchase. Since comparing to my current K400+ this new model has 6 months less battery life, while having a bragging sentence "Bluetooth low energy technology", which K400+ does not, but K400+ does brag with sentences "Up to 5 million keystrokes" and "Typing noise". I really wonder what will I read in reviews…

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