Logitech intros $250 Harmony Touch universal remote – First Look

The Harmony Touch is Logitech’s newest remote, with a 2.4 color touch screen and built-in rechargeable battery.

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  1. SPARTAN 277

    LOL. You are far and away the dumbest jackass I have seen leaving comments on youtube in quite some time. Congrats. BTW don't have kids. You'll only be making the gene-pool worse.

  2. jlether

    i am going to say this much there will be some growing pains but this is a very good remote. I have owned this for 16 days. Give yourself time to be comfortable. I did and I'm Happy!

  3. Wasakracker79

    179 Euro in Europe.
    If there wasnt so much demand and pre-orders for the Touch the prices would probably be lower.
    But..the touch just came out.
    Remember when the PS3 just came it out if was 600 dollar,nowadays 150.
    There will be a RF version of the touch and they will make it compatible with the 7.7.0 and the 7.8.1 software.
    The RF version will be probably 100 dollar more expensive then the IR version.

  4. joseph10704

    i love the look and the way it feel's in the hand in wonderful.249.99 at this price point for everything this remote can do and more i think is not that bad,BUT for me i would like to have RF built inside of the remote just because i feel RF is much more stable.then IR is in a remote these's day's.

  5. costellom5

    But the comands must be "tuned" for the player.If you previously used the remote for another device,you have to re-tune it to the player.
    I was tempted to get the Sony tablet,because I could've used it as an universal remote.But you'd have to keep it turned on,and the app,and who knows what other stuff.I'll stick with the normal remotes.
    Maybe if it had some assigned buttons(1 for tv,2 for player and so on)it would be easier

  6. costellom5

    I may have more remotes,but when I want to pause I just need to press 1 button,not scroll to the blu ray player screen then select the desired function.To me it seem stupid.
    Normal remotes are faster and better.

  7. Jshulman1995

    Ooor… you can get an iPod touch for $200 and buy an IR accessory… At least when you realize how unnecessary it is, you have an iPod and not a piece of shit logitech product…

  8. C Johnson

    No RF or Blutooth plus it doesn't work with the current or older RF accessories.

    I can see this one selling like Sh*t or should I say hot cakes?

    I wish I had 4 hands so I could give Logitech 4 thumbs down!

    Solid review, thanks.

    If I had to guess I would bet on this one not making it to editors choice…no?

  9. TuxKey

    for that price you should get both infra,and RF..!!
    Way to expensive..my Harmony one is perfect as is.
    But he i understand the company feels like it needs the renew invent and ad..
    Just hope they keep the support site up..
    I love my harmony one can't live without it hahahha..
    Like i mentioned RF is a must for this hefty price..

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