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Introducing the Logitech Harmony Touch; what I would call the best all-in-one universal remote. I know, I Know, I shouldn’t be giving this remote such high praises before getting knee deep into the review. Logitech has been making universal remotes for some time now, they have had some success and some missteps to. The Harmony Touch is a great combination of their history in make what I call America’s past time (Watching TV) Easier than it has ever been.

Lets set a scenario, you move into a new apartment, get a new Samsung TV, LG Sound Bar, Sony Blu-ray Player, Apple TV, cable with a TIVO bock. Which means you have got 4 different remote controls. The is what the normal consumer has to deal with, looking for one remote to change channel, another to change volume, another to watch online content. it goes on and on and on. This is where the Logitech Harmony Touch is truly a good sent. Priced at $249, the Harmony Touch does seem a little on the pricey side but the benefits truly out way the cost. You have a remote that can be programmed to control up to 15 devices and is compatible with over 225,000 home entertainment devices and over 5,000 brands.

Setup is simple and straight forward( down side you do need an internet connection), Connect Harmony Touch to your Mac or PC and visit myharmony.com to identify and sync your devices. Whether you’re looking for the basic or advanced customization, Harmony’s guided online setup process will make things simple for you. You Also get a favorite feature, which lets you you and your family can access all of your favorite channels with a simple tap; up to 50 channels. Just select and save your favorite channel icons from a list on myharmony.com on to your remote or create unique favorite icons using your own personalized images.You also have the ability to set up activities to different devices, you can have an activity set up for your Xbox 360, which will turn on your Xbox TV and Sound bar but not your Cable box. Or you can setup one for just music, which will set up your Sound-bar and that it.

The Harmony One Touch has made my entertainment viewing process a much more simple and easy process, for having direct access to my Xbox 360, to being able to channel hop to my favorite channels with out Guide scrolling or memorizing channel numbers. While still having full TIVO functionality. This is why it is truly the one remote to rule them all and pretty much a nesscessity in the modern day house hold

42 Replies to “Logitech Harmony Touch Remote Review- The one to rule them all”

  1. Zolitar Iglussey

    Its a Piece of Junk…….. these things lose their mind or have issues like USB Device not recognized?? Great so now our whole world is controlled by this POS!!! Time to go buy another one 🙁

  2. D K

    I have 2 tv's mounted on the same wall. I'm looking for a remote that will allow me to use for both and also allow me to control my AppleTV, Fire Stick and switch between all devices to use remote separately to control each device. Is there such a product? TV's are LG and Samsung, so different brands. I have an Xbox One and PC on the same setup, but not important to be able to control either, but would be cool if possible. Thanks

  3. First Name Last Name

    i don't own any devices to dedicated to a single task if i watch blu ray its on my computer if i watch tv its on my computer if i watch youtube or netflix its on my computer cd, dvd, mp3, all on my computer and yes before you ask my computer is hooked up to a 50 inch tv also i navigate the hole thing with a wii remote and wireless keyboard (because typing with a wii remote is a bitch) also i will admit the wii remote is not a good remote except for pointing as a mouse

  4. Elsinator 89R

    Geez who thought rounded backed remotes were a good idea???? I like being able to touch a button sometimes while it's laying on the table and not have to pick it up just to have leverage to push those outer edge buttons. Thanks for the review though, good job!

  5. SoulStationOz

    If you have 2 or 3 units of the same brand will it differentiate between them. For example I have a Bluray recorder, a bluray player and a VCR/DVD player which are all Panasonic and the remote controls all of them at the same time. So they all power up or they all eject etc. Does the Harmony touch resolve that?

  6. KMills

    I picked one up and am still trying to get it perfect. I do not like the location of the buttons at the top that I use to control my TiVo. A friend of mine set his up so that say you want to rewind – he just swipes the screen left… any idea how to set that up?

  7. 1misanthropist

    This will also control your stove, dish washer, microwave, fridge, clothes washer/dryer and mute your girlfriend/wife. Now if I can just get it to cut the grass and fix the car……

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