5 Replies to “Logitech Harmony Hub Binding for openHAB”

  1. John Riker

    Thanks for the demo. Really nice. Can you share your items and sitemap and rules info? I can't seem to find any details besides the binding read me which in my brain at the moment doesn't make sense. I see you have pause and play and the like but have found no where that they show how these items get mapped or where they come from.

  2. TheMisterRik

    Having exactly the same issue as Dave there.  Admittedly I'm hitting OpenHab for the first time (literally this afternoon), but try as I might I can't get the system to recognise any activity other than PowerOff.

  3. Dave Casey

    Dan, great demo.  I've been playing with this binding and it seems very cool.  I can get the basic button to work like:
    String HarmonyHubPowerOff       "powerOff"      { harmonyhub=">[start:PowerOff]"

    But I cannot get cannot get the activity mappings (other than PowerOff) to work which is how I assume you did this demo?
    (I've tried sending Switch item=Harmony_Activity mappings=[PowerOff='PowerOff', WatchTV='Watch TV'] but WatchTV is not recognized.

    To avoid you becoming my personal tech support would you mind posting the items / sitemap you used to generate this demo?
    Thanks so much!

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