Logitech Harmony custom lighting control TUTORIAL

Walkthrough of how to add your own custom lighting control; adding a device, custom commands, and associating them with actions. See the other video for a demo.

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  1. sdgdfg dasdgsdf

    This was the easiest remote to set up that I have ever used.>>> t.co/puv0FaxAAl   It works great turning on my tv, sound system and cable box, as well as turning on my roku and sound system. If you can't set this thing up, you need to get rid of your equipment.

  2. John T

    This is a long shot and not sure if you can help but I've followed your example and taught the commands and my strips still do not respond to my Harmony Elite remote? The 'teaching' phase goes without a hitch. I've tried 4 different RGB remotes and I've also replaced my Harmony remote as I thought it might be faulty. All to no avail. My 'mini' controller looks exactly like yours and works fine. I've tried teaching with long and short presses of the target buttons and tried teaching in the dark, different distances away etc etc…. Any advice? Or do you know of a RGB IR Controller that definitely works that I can buy from ebay or wherever?? A big thank you if you can help me save what little hair I have left by helping with this 🙂 Thanks

  3. Brandon R

    I can't add my LED lights at all. The hub recognized it like twice out of 50 clicks. I just can't get the hub to pick up the IR signal. Plus where you had the option to select it controls my lights, I didn't have that option after selecting "other". Any ideas?

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