Logitech Harmony 700 Remote Review

– GC host AJ Vickery shows you how easy it is to replace all your remote controls by using your computer to program the Logitech 700 Harmony Remote.

Episode 705

16 Replies to “Logitech Harmony 700 Remote Review”

  1. alphabeticalor

    this remote is a piece of shit. takes forever to sequence through just 3 device powerup sequences, and often misses some commands. setup app is piss-poor design with unintuitive interface and dodgy USB driver. default setups for devices are random and force customization. setup programming fails to do what you asked it to do about 80% of the time. custom button changes are sometimes totally ignored. some commands from product remotes aren't available anywhere on the programmable remote. setup software hasn't been improved in years. save yourself an enormous headache and don't buy this thing.

  2. eracet1

    No talk of how the buttons feel, or charge time.
    How it feels in hand, only thing I got from this video is how all harmony remotes program via PC. (no mention of mac). And really didn't say much else.

  3. mattd313

    @Hzrabbani1 – The dimmers I have are the Lutron Maestro. They are in the Logitech database so yes they can be programmed via the software on your computer. There are other more advanced systems you can buy, but if you just want basic dimming on/off of a certain set of lights- the Lutron Maestro is a great choice.

  4. slowdive101

    Here's a question: Let's say I want to listen to music with my Apple TV through my stereo system. Right now I have to manually turn on the TV, turn on Apple TV, set the tv to mute, and turn the stereo on.

    Can I program the remote to do all of the above (ie, under a general command "Listen To Music")?

  5. mattd313

    @FlamingWheels – I got one too. Love it. Also just bought one for my dad for his birthday. Go get a Lutron Maestro IR dimmer- then you can control your lights in the room with it- pretty cool…

  6. Joakim Skalstad

    @mattdj313 bought one of these today and i am impressed how easy it is to use, the off button only turn the devices off since you must use the Tv/video/music buttons to turn them on.. can even use it as an controller for my xbox 360 😀

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