Logitech Harmony 650

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3 Replies to “Logitech Harmony 650”

  1. Carlos Diaz

    <<<BEWARE!!!!>>> the software is not included with this remote. Also, it does not work with newer TVs with RF (not infrared) remote TVs like my Hisense. Lots of people were fooled by this soft not working in many ways.
    So, I am returning my Logitech Harmony 650. Terrible Tech Support, I had to call to 3 different interstate number within Australia to be connected to another overseas. The cracking sound on the 3 numbers I've called were TERRIBLE, I could barely understand the technician to be told at the end that I have to install Microsoft Silvelight piece of junk. That's the catch. NO WAY!… customers should never be pushed into this before. MS has too many security holes and I don't want that.
    You should provide a working software directly with the remote and warn people who got RF remotes . Sorry!… 🙁

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