Logitech Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal Remote Control Review

The Logitech Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal Remote Control is right up there with the best of them. Customisable UI, superb touch screen and very easy to configure. Check out the review.

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36 Replies to “Logitech Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal Remote Control Review”

  1. Shadow

    Better late then never just found out about this product but doing some research I have found there is a newer model called the Harmony elite is the 1100 still supported and how is the1100 different in terms of functionality as I like the look of the 1100 more than the newer model

  2. rarity

    sorry for digging up an old video but it would be great if you could recalled that if I would need to buy the logitech's adapter in order to make it works with the PS3. Thanks in advance

  3. Mark Coleman

    Hi, thanks for posting this review. I love my Harmony One, but an 1100 would be a sweet upgrade. How did you control the PS3 – do you use the Logitech Harmony adapter PS3?


  4. mightbegenius

    i think its funny all these review brag about it turning on the tv, then the dvd player and automatically playing the dvd.

    Don't you have to turn on the dvd player to put the movie in anyway? Is it just me b/c it seems retarded to keep boasting about a feature most people will never use…

  5. joseph10704

    ii wanted to ask u in term's of a better remote witch on is better the hamony one remote of this one the harmony 1100 i been trying to figure it out and i mean i think i know witch one but still not that sure if u can get back to me on this question i would be very happy thank u and have a nice day 🙂

  6. joseph10704

    I WANT ONE SOOOO BAD LOL hey i wanted to ask u how do u set a backround for the controler and can u put anything like a blu ray logo 🙂 let me know asap its cool i want one this would help me alot lol.i got so much remote for my entertainment center .

  7. joseph10704

    if u dont mind if i ask what kind of samsung 3d tv do u have the c8000 if so i seen your video on that tv alot of times i was wondeing if u did keep it did u also i wanted this remote now for about a year now i need to bad lol but i am trying to wait for the price to drop .

  8. Simobelly

    Excellent review, another option is the Harmony 1000i; this is a very similar remote control but can be up to $150 cheaper than the Harmony 1100. I've used this remote for about 3 years now and the reliability is fantastic.

  9. bigal1974uk

    Nice vid. I have the logitech Harmony one which is very similar to this except it has a smaller screen, has the same icons, colour screen, is a normal remote shape, has muti page menu's for different buttons and half the price. I use to have 5-6 remotes with the missus giving me a hard time cos she could'nt watch Blu-Ray then back to TV and now just one touch of a button and done. Would never now give up my Harmony one. ps you do need to buy a logitech IR to Bluetooth converter for PS3 control.

  10. 2Old4Toys

    An absolutely dreadful product! I had one and could not get shot of it fast enough! to have to look at a bright remote touch screen when in a darkened home theatre environment is maddening! The other options from Harmony with real play-back buttons that you can feel with your fingertips without taking your eyes of the movie is way way way better.

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