Livolo capacitive touch switch + Fibaro ZWave Dimmer

Hacked a capacitive Livolo switch to work with Fibaro ZWave dimmer, no neutral wire required.

More about Livolo:

8 Replies to “Livolo capacitive touch switch + Fibaro ZWave Dimmer”

  1. Michael Sanda

    Hello Torin,
    I am thinking about buying Livolo switches myself, but do not want to lose Vera functionality. The experts in Z-Wave have told me that Livolo and Vera won't work because the Livolo switches pull power from the mains to operate and the inserts (Fibaro for example) cannot supply that power. Please share or describe how you did it. Also will the status LED work? I am not an electrician, but I imagine that you would need to supply some kind of power even when the lights are off, for the LED to work. The best thing would be to show in a new video how it's done. Thank you for this video and I hope you will take the time to answer.

  2. Jalal M

    please I am facing a problem on how to do the same. the capacitive switch jumps into a loop of on and off when connected to the zwave switch. Please tell me how you did it. what wires you used.
    Many thanks, J

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