Living with the Tesla Model S 100D // Ash Davies on Cars

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Full, in-depth review of life with a Tesla Model S 100D. Testing it like a normal everyday car – putting its range to the test, autopilot tech on a long drive, interior space, comfort, software and more, on a roadtroip from Sydney to the famous Sea Cliff Bridge (where the car mostly drives itself).



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22 Replies to “Living with the Tesla Model S 100D // Ash Davies on Cars”

  1. Larry Blum

    I took over a 2018 model S 100 D lease and I am so glad I only have to drive it for a year. Jittery ride even with air suspension ,auto pilot on other then highway is poor at best. Doesn't even have free charging anymore. Will not even buy at end of lease at discount -not convinced at value at all…

  2. Dogphlap

    +Ash Davies on Cars That mysterious pocket in the driver's door card is where I keep my garage door remote. In the US a Tesla car will open a garage door for you but it has never worked in Australia (unless there has been a recent change that I am unaware of). Not my original idea but I do endorse it.

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