Living With An Electric Car Changed My Mind

How Driving A 2018 Nissan Leaf Long Term Changed My View Of EVs
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Living with an electric car for six months changed my mind about how I feel about them. I have range anxiety. When you’re driving a Nissan Leaf, it has the equivalent energy in the battery pack of less than two gallons of gasoline. That not only tells you how energy dense gasoline is, but also how wildly efficient electric cars are, as the Leaf gets 150 miles on the equivalent of 1.2 gallons of gas.

And while the benefits of electric cars are clear, for example instant torque, quiet ride, low CG, and much more emissions friendly, they do come with lower range and longer recharging times versus filling a gasoline tank. So after living with a 151 mile range Nissan Leaf for 6 months, how do I now feel about EVs? Quite different, actually. Check out the video for full details!

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26 Replies to “Living With An Electric Car Changed My Mind”

  1. Engineering Explained

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  2. william Olson

    As a 2018 Nissan Leaf owner the actual range of this car is somewhere around a 125 miles unless u drive like grandma. That being said it will work well for most 2 car households. No regrets on buying this car this car

  3. thejabow

    Boring Electric Car
    0-60 2.5 sec or less. 160 top end or more. Bring your exotic car to the track and I will show you boring. With my Tesla S, 0 time at local gas station, on long trips, spend around 30 min charging. Bathroom breaks, and meals every 4 hours or so. 0 cost to charge on trips. The only car that features are added to your car free after you buy it. Just totally amazing.

    Sent from the center of the universe

  4. Victor montano

    The problem with electrical cars is that most likely you won’t be able to work on it if electric motor needs a part replaced and should be done at the dealer or a shop it would be more expensive labor wise!.

  5. Alan Wood

    I'm not going to maintain and insure two cars when my one car does everything I need it to do. Last week I drove 550 miles in a little over 8 hours. That's less that the charging time on a battery powered car.

  6. Jose Luis Gutierrez-Garcia

    Excellent review. Thank you Engineering Explained. I am certain that many of us are the exception to the rule. I live in North Vancouver Canada at a place where I can not plug my car overnight. Yet, I never had any trouble finding a free charging station where I need it. I do not drive that far but when I do, I have been pleasantly surprised to find convenient charging stations in the Metro Vancouver Area. And, I can tell you that the metropolitan area is not very EV friendly. I learned to drive with a stick Renault and an automatic Chrysler. I will never go back to ICE.

  7. hub gold

    how much are new batteries? We all know batteries never go bad. Will Nissan give you a new battery pack or will they say you didn't care for it properly,

  8. greatsayain

    Someone else quotes to me that average 36,000 price for a car. I want to know what the mode price is though. There are people out the buying million dollar cars, and there are people out there buying 50-150k dollar cars, maybe even a few per person. Those will skew the average. I want to know what the most frequently occurring price of a car is say within a 5000 range. I've Googled this and I can't find the answer. I would guess it's between 20-25,000.

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