Living with a Tesla Model X P100d Ludicrous!

Join me as I take you on an in-depth ‘day-in-the-life’ of the Tesla Model X P100DL, owned by Evhire! In the video I test out how easy it is to charge, charge efficiency, comfort mode 0-62mph time, autopilot, navigation and more!

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12 Replies to “Living with a Tesla Model X P100d Ludicrous!”

  1. Mancubus99

    Regenerative breaking does in fact turn on the rear brakes. It depends on how fast you're going and how much negative acceleration is being generated. You can confirm this by looking at the avatar of the car on the instrument cluster. The lights on the car reflect what the rest of the world sees, even when you apply the brakes yourself.

  2. Nathan Guthrie

    I HATE Tesla. They have such a hype around them but there are soo many better cars (electric or not) out there. The amount of gimmicks included, the build quality and the fact that Tesla owners boast about how their car can drive itself…. WHEN IT CANT. Those people should have their car taken from them as they are more of a danger behind the wheel. My Merc has all the same features (including autonomous driving) and yet I get 750 miles out of one tank of fuel, the infotainment system works and when I order a new one I'm not having to worry about what colour of door cards they have put in.

    Rant over. I must have got up on the wrong side this morning. Good video and I do respect what Tesla are trying to create with their cars.

  3. henrymouni

    Good and fair review.
    I think the brake lights come on with the regen' braking.
    Version 9 just released, which improves and adds new features.
    Software updates a BIG plus!

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