LIVE: Which Electric Car to Buy in 2019? + Q&A

From Tesla to Nissan, from Audi to Porsche, from Kia to Hyundai – which electric car is the best choice for me and you in 2019? Let’s talk about it live!

Highest supechat contributor will co-host for the second part of the show, and we’ll talk Tesla, EVs and I’ll answer as many questions as I can 🙂

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27 Replies to “LIVE: Which Electric Car to Buy in 2019? + Q&A”

  1. Emad Dlala

    Alex, efficiency is key not just for range but also for charging speed. In 20 minutes, the Model 3 charges 180 miles and the Audi eTron charges 110 miles. The reason is efficiency. Big battery is dumb and heavy. The Audi eTron could be much lighter if it was more efficient.

  2. vtrippin1

    One thing about the door handles you mentioned about the model 3. What I do is, I push the swoosh so the door opens then I grab the door itself in between the front and back door to open it. Instead of pushing in the swoosh and using the handle. Quick tip for y'all 3 owners. Less work on the handle mechanism all together.😉

  3. 112deeps

    Just got A3 Audi etron hybrid. Been getting 28 imperial miles per charge. Discovering how to maximise the miles per charge. It is summer so expecting to lose at least 6 to 9 miles in winter. I just cannot believe since I got the car a month ago I have filled up the fuel tank and its still full. Get used hybrid until more eV. I do have a normal outlet in out door which fills battery to full in 2 to 3 hrs. Make sure warrenty in place ;o)…

  4. Christian Falch

    Wait to next year, 2020 there will be mutch more to choose from.
    Today there is just a few. But if you are in a hurry i would recommend to look at the Leaf e+. Else wait. Fuck Tesla shit cars, untill they got their service and parts for these cars up and running properly. And quality.

  5. jaro essa

    Which EV to buy in 2019?? NOT A ONE!!

    Why? They simply don't match the convenience or features of today's ICE vehicles. No 400 mile range…No 5-10 min. recharge/refuel to 100%…No price tag of $25K or less. These are the 3 biggest complaints cited by new car buyers who eventually stick with ICE vehicles. And until the stubborn EV car makers start listening to car buyers and address the "Trio of Troubles", EV's will not see any mass adoption anytime soon. Consumers are smart and they just aren't willing to pay more, to get less.

  6. Sam48

    Alex, you can’t criticise the S saying it’s outdated then immediately criticise Tesla for updating. No other company would ever face this sort of comment. The only difference between Tesla and other manufacturers is that other manufacturers have a yearly change whilst Tesla provide continuous change as improvements become available. You aren’t really making any sense on this point.

  7. IMHO

    @17:40 I don’t think you should own and advertise any EV while claiming to be an unbiased news source. You have one of the most unbiased cars you can own, a Chevy Volt which is no longer manufactured. Nobody can claim you are trying to push Volt sales. You can keep getting dealerships to give you cars to review for free.

  8. Chris Bates

    I love my used Model S.. I do love the the new Kia Soul.. (soul searching??) just kidding. I actually like the new 2020 styling and it's a pretty fun car to drive.. with over 200 miles of range.. it almost is as good as a 2012 model S.. LOL

  9. Michael Schofield

    Just ordered my second model 3 and it comes with auto pilot for free ! Less face it, there is no better car and charging network. My wife’s BMW i3 is a good car, but BMW are discontinuing their sales within the U.S. and the charging network is poor My lease ends in November and I will get my third Model 3.

  10. Peter S

    Alex, I don't know if you follow the Fully Charged YouTube channel. They've just held their 2nd annual Fully Charged Live show at which Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield was a guest speaker for the second time. They are going to hold a USA version, probably in Texas I think & I thought you might find it interesting. It's all the latest EV's, latest renewable energy technology etc & as you have been segwaying into some new areas recently I thought it might appeal. The Fully Charged team has yet to finish putting together the latest footage from this year's event but they are putting everything up on a series of podcasts & these might help you to discern if any of this is up your street.

  11. Upd Late

    I don't like the Bolt… but with this discount, it's hard to argue that it isn't the best value right now.

    Had my Volt for 2.5 months now, and while it's definitely a step down from my 5 series, I would argue it's one of the best EVs; especially at the price I got it for. ($21,500 after rebates/tax credit excluding fees/taxes) For the average commutes, it will have enough range r/t to and from work, with about 15-20 miles remaining on the battery. I've only used 4 gallons of gas thus far, reducing my total gasoline consumption by 95% versus my 5 series. If this holds up for the rest of the year, I'll end up using about 27 gallons of gas, compared to the 5 series' 540 gallons.

    I also think the Hyundai Ioniq PHEV would be a great bet. Even though it has a little less range and it uses the engine to heat the cabin in the winter, it gets very good range per kWh. Heating the cabin likely uses very little gasoline, as burning gas is very efficient at creating heat. 😉

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