Light Switch Hack for a SmartThings Home

I upgraded a smart home light switch by replacing a very obvious stuck on push button with a modified switch integrating a smart push button from Xiaomi with a normal wall light switch.

FYI: The Xiaomi sensors and switches are well built and really cheap but take a bit of effort to get working with SmartThings.


MK momentary push switch – K4878P
RS Components:

Xiaomi Smart Wireless Switch
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20 Replies to “Light Switch Hack for a SmartThings Home”

  1. Jemand

    Thanks for the idea! I glued one button under my switch but this was shaking everytime I pressed it. Now I soldered the button on my switch like you did and this is just fantastic! Thanks!

  2. computerjantje

    wait a minute..If you would have screwed off the baseplate and then just put the switch unit you had sticked on, directly on he wall using some double sided tape at the edges, then it would looked like normal as well and you would have had a nice lare switch button and way less work. it onlu looks strange in the beginning becasue you stuck a switch on the base plate.

  3. Hikari

    I'm confused… if you were able to wire up the light so that it was 'always on'… then why didn't you just put a smart switch in? I mean… compared to all of that, you would have only needed to undo 2-3 wires on the existing switch, and then plug those wires into your new smart switch, and presto you're finished… Beats having to just nut the wires together and hope they hold while you put a 'fake' 'smart switch' in its place…

  4. Colin Ho

    i've never seen a light switch with the word "press" on it…. i wonder who needs that instruction, maybe people who sees a light switch and think they should pull lol

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