LIFX Tile review and setup | openHAB install

LIFX Tile review and setup had a few hiccups, but getting my smart home video wall working with an openHAB install was easy. The LIFX tile connects to google home hub, smartthings, and amazon alexa!

This could easily be done with ifttt, apple homekit, home assistant and other smart home tech. Smart Home Automation has never been so cool! Keep watching mqtt tutorial coming soon!

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Walabot Website –

LIFX Tile –
LIFX Beam –
LIFX Z Strip –
LIFX Bulb –
LIFX a19 (Lifx Mini) –

– An alternative (a little cheaper)
Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm –
Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit –

Philips Hue Lights –

Smartthings Hub –
Alexa –

15 Replies to “LIFX Tile review and setup | openHAB install”

  1. LIFX

    The way you've set up your Tile is amazing! Thank you for such a thorough overview too. We are working on ways to make this process even smoother so even when these little mistakes happen, you can get it up and running asap.

  2. Mrs Frizzle

    Really great review! Nice setup too. Do these tiles have a setting were all the tiles slowly fade into another solid color at a time? Like red slowly fading to blue but there's only one colour on the tiles at a time? 🙂

  3. RV 84

    Hi, I have the LIFX Z Led Strip and its working with Openhab. In your video you speak about start and stop presets from the App. How can I do that with Openhab? For example I would like to start the candle simulation with Openhab.
    Thanks a lot
    BR René

  4. Ivy B

    Thank you so much for explaining how to reconnect them the proper way. We had two that were not connected to the main tile originally and we did the same thing you did by setting up multiples in the app . We did not understand by the written instructions that all of the tiles needed to be reset individually from the power source. We got everything up and running because of how you worded it. Thanks again.! Great video 🙂

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